Coronation Street: Gary Windass comes back from the dead

Coronation Street: Viewers were stunned as Gary Windass came back from the dead [ITV] Sarah Platt was left devastated this week after being told boyfriend Gary Windass had died in an explosion in the Ukraine.  And his mum Anna Windass was left absolutely crushed by the news, with her having

Coronation Street: Is Gary Windass is faking his death?

Coronation Street: Is Gary Windass faking his own death? [ITV] Monday’s episode of Coronation Street saw Sarah Platt devastated to learn that her boyfriend Gary Windass had died following an explosion in the Ukraine. At first didn’t believe the news, but her brother David soon confirmed the death after making

Coronation Street: Lucy Fallon teases Gary baby aftermath

Coronation Street: Lucy Fallon plays Bethany Platt [WENN] Only recently on Coronation Street, Gary Windass discovered that is affair with Nicola Rubinstein had resulted in his secret lover getting pregnant.  While at the same time, Gary's girlfriend Sarah Platt's brother, David Platt, discovered their fling but got manipulated into thinking it was just

Coronation Street: Gary Windass to be ‘KILLED OFF’

According to reports, Gary Windass, played by Mikey North, will be 'killed off' in an explosion while working in Ukraine on Coronation Street. Only recently, Gary has been struggling from his potentially life-threatening work overseas after taking on the dangerous security job in a bid to clear his debts. And while nothing has been confirmed by the soap, it

Corrie: Fans notice something odd about David Platt

Coronation Street: Fans spotted something odd about David Platt  [ITV] The Coronation Street resident was having a joyous time during the episode, as he continues to be loved up with new girlfriend Shona Ramsey. However, despite David’s happiness, viewers were far more distracted by something else regarding the Weatherfield hairdresser. As David played

Coronation Street: Fans notice something about Gary Windass

Coronation Street: Viewers were left confused over Gary Windass' injuries [ITV] Only a few weeks ago, Gary Windass flew off to the Ukraine on a security job, desperate to earn some money to pay back his debts owed after working uninsured on a building site. Despite protestation from girlfriend Sarah Platt, Mikey

Coronation Street: Gary Windass prepares for shock death

Coronation Street: Gary Windass is set to prepare for his own death in an upcoming episode [ITV] The character has recently been seen preparing for a trip to the Ukraine, where he'll take on a dangerous security job in a bid to clear his debts. Gary Windass, played by Mikey North, will

Coronation Street: Gary Windass makes shock exit

Coronation Street: Gary Windass has made an unexpected exit from the soap [ITV] At the end of Tuesday night's episode, the character left fans stunned as he bid farewell to girlfriend Sarah Platt. Actor Mikey North has starred as Coronation Street's Gary Windass since 2008. But during the latest instalment of the ITV soap,

Coronation Street: Sarah Platt puts daughter Bethany in danger by calling Neil: Bethany Platt blamed herself whence heard the news that Nathan Curtis would not be charged [ITV] The family were dealt with the devastating blow that Nathan Curtis wouldn't be brought to justice because there wasn't enough evidence against him. As

Coronation Street horror as Bethany Platt is gang raped by three men while sinister Nathan is arrested by the police after her family rally round

For months Coronation Street viewers have watched on as Bethany Platt has slowly been embroiled and manipulated into a sinister sex ring by her older boyfriend Nathan Curtis. However, things have taken an even darker twist for the teenager this week at yet another one of the tanning shop owner's parties – where fellow child groomers

Coronation Street: Sarah Platt to become unwell after Bethany’s involvement in Nathan Curtis’ sex ring is exposed? Jack P Shepherd hints at devastating aftermath of upsetting storyline

Ever since the festive period, viewers have watched in shock as Nathan has manipulated Bethany Platt with the aim to get her to sleeping with other men for money. However, with Shona Ramsey set to blow the whistle on the whole operation when it's revealed that Nathan once attempted to groom

Coronation Street: Viewers emotional as Bethany Platt rages against Sarah Platt and Gary Windass after sex abuse ordeal takes its toll on the teen: ‘I am in shock how Bethany reacted’

In Friday's first trip to Coronation Street, Sarah - played by Tina O'Brien - went to Nathan Curtis's flat to see her daughter Bethany but found her dressed provocatively and passed out on the sofa. Desperately worried, she phoned Gary Windass (Mickey North) to come and get the pair and take