Scientists find ice below Mars’ surface

WASHINGTON – Scientists using images from an orbiting NASA spacecraft have detected eight sites where huge ice deposits near the Martian surface are exposed on steep slopes, a potential source of water that could help sustain future human outposts. While scientists already knew that about a third of the

Tiny alien stone made from materials not found in our solar system

There’s plenty of interesting things to find here on Earth. Archaeologists and paleontologists are constantly discovering relics of the past that nobody ever knew was there but rarely do scientists realize they’ve stumbled upon something that doesn’t belong on Earth, or even in our own solar system. That

Robotic implant stretches your organs to help them heal

If you have science fiction nightmares of a robot apocalypse you should probably just stop reading right now. For those of you still here, I have good(?) news! Scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital have invented a robot that can be implanted into the body where it pulls on

Astronaut apologizes for “fake news’ about growth spurt

A Japanese astronaut has apologized for causing “fake news” after tweeting he had grown 3.5 inches since landing on the International Space Station. Norishige Kanai, 41, hastily corrected his initial claim by admitting he has actually only grown 2 cm, or about 3/4 of an inch. Tweeting Wednesday, he admitted:

Studies find evidence of a fourth dimension

We live in a three-dimensional reality. Because of that, it’s pretty hard to imagine what a four-dimensional reality might be like, but that isn’t stopping physicists from trying to figure it out. A pair of new research papers were just published in the journal Nature that explore the

Scientists develop self-healing robot muscles

We often think of robots as superior to ourselves, but when it comes to the abilities afforded us by our muscles, robots have a hard time keeping up. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are working to change that with newly developed soft muscles that work a

Scientists could one day make humans immortal

On Jan. 12, 1967, James Bedford, a psychology professor at Glendale College in California who had just died of cancer, took his first step toward coming back to life. On that day, the professor became the first person ever frozen in cryonic suspension, embedded in liquid nitrogen at

Woman receives bionic hand with sense of touch

A woman who lost her left hand in an accident is getting a second chance thanks to a new bionic hand with a sense of touch unveiled by researchers. Almerina Mascarello, who lost her left hand nearly 25 years ago, said: “It’s almost like it’s back again.” The BBC reports

Sickness is written all over the human face

It’s often pretty easy to tell when a person is sick — a loud cough and runny nose are good indicators — but sometimes the symptoms aren’t always so obvious. Now, a new study reveals that humans are actually really good at being able to tell when someone

China is planning to go to the dark side of the moon

This year, China plans to boldly go where no superpower has gone before — the far side of the moon. In a bid to become the new world leader in lunar exploration, China will launch a pair of missions known collectively as Chang’e 4, The Guardian reports. It is the

China’s out-of-control space station is about to fall from the sky

The tail end of 2017 was packed with interesting asteroid sightings and near-misses that gave skywatchers a reason to look up, but the biggest threat from above in 2018 might be manmade. China’s Tiangong-1 space station has been completely out of control for months now, and space agencies from

The 5 craziest things we learned about the universe in 2017

In the search for answers, the universe usually only gives us more questions. And those questions are becoming as infinite as the cosmos themselves. From Mars’ magnetic tail to inexplicable booms heard around the world to mounting evidence that a “Planet Nine” exists, these stories prove that the more we

China mixes cloning and gene editing in one puppy

Chinese scientists have proudly announced their first cloned puppy — but they purposefully created him with a blood-clotting disorder that could mean an early death. Longlong, a beagle, was cloned by the Beijing-based biotech company Sinogene from Apple, whose genome was edited so it would develop atherosclerosis and scientists

Trump administration bans CDC from using these 7 words

There will be nothing “science based” in budget documents from the nation’s top public health agency next year. That phrase was among the seven banned from official documents being prepared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the 2019 federal budget, according to a report. Also on the

Archaeologists reconstruct face of 1,200-year-old queen

Archaeologists have learned a great deal about “the Huarmey Queen” in the five years since they discovered the tomb at El Castillo de Huarmey in Peru and found her body inside. They’ve learned that she was from the pre-Incan Wari culture and she lived about 12 centuries ago. They know

MIT creates “Avatar’-like plants that glow in the dark

These plants are glowin’ up. Scientists at MIT have succeeded in creating plants that light up for hours at a time. “The vision is to make a plant that will function as a desk lamp — a lamp that you don’t have to plug in,” Michael Strano, co-author of the

We may not have the biggest solar system anymore

We should have kept Pluto a planet! More On: nasa This new island could help scientists understand life on Mars NASA thinks Pluto may be hiding a vast ocean ISS astronauts throw pizza party in zero gravity NASA unveils new robot that will hunt for Martian life Our solar system is now engaged in a

Scientists figure out why meteors explode before impact

Mankind hasn’t had to deal with much in the way of deadly meteors over the years, but on the few occasions when one of the pesky space rocks does target Earth, they often self-destruct in the air before it even reaches the ground. For years, researchers have puzzled

Scientists might bring the Tasmanian Tiger back from extinction

Earth lost a truly unique species when Benjamin, the last known thylacine — commonly called the Tasmanian tiger — died in captivity in early September of 1936. Despite an impressive number of alleged sightings of the animal in the years since no actual documented examples of the species

Discovery in Antarctica changes everything we know about aliens

Bacteria discovered on the icy continent of Antarctica is set to change the way humanity looks for alien life on other planets. To date, our search for habitable worlds that could host alien life has been guided by what we know about life-conducive conditions on Earth. But in a

Discovery in Antarctica changes everything we know about aliens

Bacteria discovered on the icy continent of Antarctica is set to change the way humanity looks for alien life on other planets. To date, our search for habitable worlds that could host alien life has been guided by what we know about life-conducive conditions on Earth. But in a

Monster black hole is the oldest ever found

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Astronomers have discovered a super-size black hole hearkening back to almost the dawn of creation. It’s the farthest black hole ever found. A team led by the Carnegie Observatories’ Eduardo Banados reported in the journal Nature on Wednesday that the black hole lies in a quasar

Degenerative diseases could soon be a thing of the past

It’s understood that degenerative diseases like Alzheimers and cancer can make a person’s “golden years” look pretty bleak. However, there’s some hope on the horizon thanks to some new research from England. A research team at the University of Exeter has found a way to possibly stave off