Share a WiFi Password in iOS 11 in 1 Quick and Easy Step

Most people know that the true test of friendship isn't texting someone every day, or being the first one at the bar for their happy hour — it's actually all about feeling comfortable enough to ask for the WiFi password. Think about it: it means you'll be over

20 Empowering Memes You'll Want to Share With Your Feminist BFF

We all need reminders every now and then that we are f*cking awesome females who lift each other up. Now, more than ever, our words and actions have the power to inspire conversations and initiate change, and that's pretty motivating! Little things like reading words of encouragement or

Victoria and David Beckham share rare loved-up photo on date night

Victoria and David Beckham have proved that they’re more loved-up than ever in an adorable new photo together. The couple posted a rare snap alongside each other on Wednesday night as they enjoyed quality time during a night out in Paris and it’s pretty cute. READ MORE CELEB NEWS MORE: David