What Can the "B*tch Map" Reveal About Hate Speech and Misogyny in America?

"B*tch" is a complicated word. While it's a term that's often reclaimed as empowering, friendly, or celebratory, "b*tch" is, at its modern roots, a slur against women that's still commonly weaponized. In 2016, "b*tch" was everywhere — particularly in relationship to Hillary Clinton, the nation's first female presidential

Left-wing firebrand Arthur Scargill compares Theresa May to WWII appeaser Neville Chamberlain for ‘betraying’ Brexit voters with Florence speech

LEFTIE firebrand Arthur Scargill has compared Theresa May to World War Two appeaser Neville Chamberlain for “betraying” Brexit voters. The veteran of the miners’ strike said the Prime Minister should resign after committing Britain to Brussels rule until at least 2021 in her Florence speech. He said Britain now faced