John Boyega Has Bad News For All The Finn And Poe Shippers

Last month, “Star Wars” actor Oscar Isaac gave Finn and Poe shippers a new hope. After signing a fan’s poster that read “FINNPOE IS ENDGAME,” Isaac incited a million more fan theories by adding the words “fully endorsed” below his signature. The stamp of approval was all the shipping community needed ―

Star Wars: The Last Jedi deleted scene confirms Captain Phasma's fate

A deleted scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been unveiled that confirms Captain Phasma's fate. On the off chance you're still avoiding spoilers, don't read past Rose and Finn's sexual tension. So, in the finished version of the movie, Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) seemingly falls to her death after Finn

2017s top films had fewer female protagonists than 2016, study finds

Even though 2017’s three biggest hits at the box office — Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Wonder Woman, and Beauty and the Beast — all featured women in leading roles, a new study has found that across the board, the number of female film protagonists actually decreased last year. San Diego State’s Center for

Star Wars: The Last Jedi home release has 14 deleted scenes

Prepare for the whoosh of lightsabers because Star Wars: The Last Jedi is getting ready to release a whole galaxy of deleted scenes for its home release. Even with a supersized 152-minute runtime, it still seems there was plenty left on the cutting room floor instead of making it

Justin Theroux confirms Star Wars romance

We know it's been kind of divisive, but we properly loved Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If we had to have a niggle about something, though, it would be about Maz Kanata. Or rather, the distinct lack of her. Lupita Nyong'o's motion-captured performance of Maz was a real stand-out in

Veteran gets private ‘Star Wars’ screening on deathbed

BEDFORD, N.H. — An Air Force veteran whose wish to see the new “Star Wars” movie has died, but not before seeing the movie. The family of 69-year-old Ron Villemaire, a self-described “Star Wars” junkie from New Hampshire, says he died on Monday. Darth Vader and Chewbacca visited Villemaire last

Where were the Knights of Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

JJ Abrams set up many things in Star Wars: The Force Awakens that he never bothered to explain, which meant that some fans were quite miffed at Rian Johnson for ignoring those things and making a coherent, slower, character-focused movie in The Last Jedi. Leaving aside who the heck

Star Wars: Ewan McGregor 'happy' to play Obi-Wan again

Last summer, there was a disturbance in the Force when news broke that Lucasfilm was considering a possible Star Wars spin-off movie about Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Since then, fans have been speculating about whether original prequel star Ewan McGregor may return to don the Jedi’s robes. Speaking backstage at the Golden Globes after

There’s a recipe for Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s green milk

Although it might not look it, the milk from Ahch-To's resident Thala-Sirens in Star Wars: The Last Jedi was apparently kind of delicious. Don't believe it? Nah, us neither. Well, we didn't – until we discovered that there's an actual recipe for the stuff on the official Star Wars

John Mayer Jumps In on the Hilarious #KyloRenChallenge With a Shirtless Star Wars Photo Men all over Instagram are sharing photos of themselves posing shirtless while wearing high-waisted pants in a look inspired by Adam Driver's now-infamous scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi — and one star getting in on the trending #KyloRenChallenge hashtag is John Mayer. The "Your Body Is

Hollywood has another huge year thanks to ‘Star Wars’

The ­“Star Wars” force is on track to hoist North American box office receipts above $11 billion for the third year in a row. That’s if the final six days of 2017 come close to matching the $408 million in ticket sales generated over the same period last year,