Meet the gun-toting ex-military mum delighting the American right with her workouts in stars and stripes bikinis

MEET the ripped ex-military mum who is quickly becoming the darling of Trump’s American thanks to her risqué Instagram workout pictures. Named only as Infitdel, the Wisconsin-born 25-year-old vet has taken the internet by storm after serving six years in the US Air Force. And she’s a big fan of

Strictly Come Dancing: Stars refuse to take part because of curse

Strictly Come Dancing in chaos as stars refuse to take part because of the show's curse: Despite it's popularity, some celebrities have reportedly turned down the chance to appear on the show [BBC] Over the past few years, a number of stars' relationships have broken down after their time

Astronomers chase fastest star ever detected

Astronomers in Chile are tracing the fastest star ever detected — and it’s zipping around a black hole in the Milky Way at 18 million miles an hour. The accelerating star, S2, is 15 times larger than the sun and is traveling in an egg-shaped orbit around Earth’s galaxy,

We may not have the biggest solar system anymore

We should have kept Pluto a planet! More On: nasa This new island could help scientists understand life on Mars NASA thinks Pluto may be hiding a vast ocean ISS astronauts throw pizza party in zero gravity NASA unveils new robot that will hunt for Martian life Our solar system is now engaged in a

Sports heroes and TV stars pay tribute to tragic wife of Sky Sports’ presenter Simon Thomas

TRIBUTES from the sporting world have poured in after Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas revealed his wife died of cancer. Gemma Thomas, 40, died in hospital last night surrounded by her family three days after being diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukaemia. Writing on Twitter, Simon said: "Today I am crushed with