31 Ways to Reinvent Your Work Wardrobe

Dressing for the job you want starts now. You might never think that the 31 street-styled looks inside would look perfect at the office, but that's exactly where we want to wear them. With 31 days of real-life inspiration, we're all about making dressing for work fun again. Forget the

The 1 Outfit That Pops Up Every Fashion Week Without Fail

While there are It items that have had their moment at Fashion Week — the Chloé Jane bag, Miu Miu ballet flats, and hardware-clad totes included — one look never dies: jeans and a tee. The combination is simple, but the well-dressed women who attend the shows offer unique updates

33 Easy Black Outfits That Will Speak to Your Soul

https://www.instagram.com/p/4WumbjHjzN/ While we're not quite at Wednesday Addams's level, we've definitely got a thing for chic black looks. This (non)color always manages to make us look — and feel — fierce, and try as we might to embrace brighter hues, we can't quit going dark. So we won't. Rather, we'll try to

23 Wedding Dress Pictures You’ll Regret Not Taking

If you're like most of the brides we know, searching for the perfect dress was (or is) time-consuming, wonderful, and just a tad stressful. Since you're only going to be wearing it once, make the most of your big day by taking all kinds of photos. While you're working on

49 Winter Outfits to Try Inspired by Your Favorite Models

When Winter calls for puffers and parkas that cover up your outfit, it's easy to write off what you'll wear underneath. "Eh, no one will see the outfit anyways," you might think. Even though this is partially true, as we kick off December, we're challenging ourselves, and you, to dress

66 Styling Hacks That Fashion Girls Use Daily

The difference between fashion girls and the rest isn't necessarily an endlessly stocked wardrobe — it's just knowing the right ways to wear it. Women with great style employ a few steady fashion hacks on the regular to take their basics up a notch with accessories, reinvent the way they

5 Outfits to Wear No Matter What Your Plans Are For Super Bowl Sunday

https://www.instagram.com/p/BOTdJ27AQtT/ No matter which team you root for during football season, your real loyalty lies with your sense of style. Sure, there's nothing wrong with wearing your favorite jersey and some serious face paint, but if you're looking for an outfit that can take you from game day to date night,

Black and Navy Is the Easiest Combination to Wear — Here’s How

Black and navy go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you don't know what we're talking about, peek at the street style outfits ahead. Fashion girls have been rocking this look for as long as we can remember, and with each season, the outfits just get better and better. Though

28 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas Based on Your Plans

https://www.instagram.com/p/BOmeOVpgaiD/ There's no one right way to do Valentine's Day, and different agendas call for different outfits. Let's face it, nobody wants to end up at a fancy, romantic restaurant under dressed. Whether you're staying in for a cozy night with your boo or catching a movie with your girlfriends, the

Do Not Throw Out These 7 Pieces of Clothing in 2018

Donating or selling old clothes to make room for this season's newest styles sounds like a good idea to us. (It feeds into our shopping addiction.) But before you start tossing out that new top or needs-to-be-tailored skirt, you'll want to review the Spring runway trends. That way, you won't

How to Style Jogger Pants Beyond the Typical Airport Outfit

Joggers are here to stay, at least for Winter. As much as we would like to give up this lazy-girl staple, it's January and it's cold, making joggers an easy outfit pick. Though we often see It girls like Gigi Hadid wearing the pants to the airport, it goes way

18 Stylish Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack This Season

Figuring out how to wear a fanny pack can seem a little tricky, especially when you're trying hard not to look like you're stuck in a time warp. Thanks to celebrities like Kendall Jenner, this accessory is officially cool again, and we've been taking styling cues from the models and

45 Reasons Michelle Obama Will Always Be Our Style Icon

Being the first lady is by no means an easy job, but Michelle Obama always managed to do it in style. Whether stepping out on the red carpet at a formal function or just heading out for a walk with Barack, we've come to love how she always managed to

31 Seriously Fresh Ways to Style a Black Turtleneck

When it comes to good ol' wardrobe staples, tees, jeans, and ankle boots in black serve as the perfect base to many looks. Think about it — what fashion girl doesn't have these items in her closet? In the Winter months, a black turtleneck is a piece we regularly reach for

The Skinny Jeans to Buy Based on Your Body Type

No matter what denim styles are "in" for each season, skinny jeans have remained a permanent fixture in our wardrobes. They've become the classic style we pair with everything from a sweater in Winter to a crop top in the Summer. You likely have them in multiple colors, too, and

20 Gorgeous Style Ideas For a Winter Engagement Shoot

If you're planning your engagement shoot in the coming months, don't let the chill keep you and your someone special from dressing up the way you've always imagined. It doesn't matter if you're planning your photo shoot in the great outdoors or under the cozy covers — the season is

The 1 Easy Outfit Formula Every Fashion Girl Will Wear in 2018

Nothing beats an easy outfit formula that appears achingly stylish. You know the type — an ensemble that requires minimal thinking but garners you a ton of compliments every time you wear it. Can't beat it! Fashion girls have favored combinations down pat — a t-shirt and jeans topped with a

This Is How You Should Wear Ankle Boots With Dresses

The next time you're about to style your dress with sneakers, stop. The look was cool and easy for Summer, but come Winter, we're challenging you (and ourselves) to wear a dress with ankle boots. This outfit combo seems easy in theory, but putting together a look is actually a

How to Warm Up to the 1 Print Every Woman in Fashion Loves

In fashion, leopard print can almost be considered a neutral. That's not just because it usually comes in varying shades of brown and black, but because the pattern itself is classic. For years, it's covered everything from fuzzy coats to shoes, and it even commanded attention on neon pieces in

The Only 8 Bras You’ll Ever Need

The bra market is a bit of a racket, we know. Retailers charge you upward of $60 for a bra that they instruct you not to wear every day and that you should pitch and buy anew every six months. And, aside from that, it seems that every time you

Boyfriend Jeans vs. Girlfriend Jeans vs. Mom Jeans, Explained

When it comes to our denim we definitely know what a skinny or straight leg looks like. It's when we head into the boyfriend, girlfriend, and mom jeans territory that sometimes trips us up. We found ourselves wondering what exactly are the differences in the styles and how does each

14 Sexy, Stylish Outfits to Wear For Whatever Happens in Vegas

https://www.instagram.com/p/BErcE1wnj1P/ So you're going to Vegas. But before you pack cutouts and high slits galore, take a step back. You're a sophisticated lady who can maintain her polished style anywhere — even in Sin City. We sourced our favorite fashion bloggers for 14 killer looks that meet statement accessories with beaded

13 Styling Tricks Fashion Girls Live By

There's a certain kind of woman who appears effortlessly styled wherever she goes. We've come to know this woman as the fashion girl — the type who just gets outfit proportions, layering tricks, and how to pull off the trend of the moment. Sure, her styling prowess can be downright

What to Wear to Jury Duty So You Don’t Get Kicked Out of Court

Courts, like many other government establishments, have a certain dress code. Unless you work in the building, though, you likely won't have to follow the exact wardrobe protocol (think pencil skirts and buttoned-up blouses) even if you get summoned for jury duty. There are certain items, however, that make sense