The 1 Outfit That Pops Up Every Fashion Week Without Fail

While there are It items that have had their moment at Fashion Week — the Chloé Jane bag, Miu Miu ballet flats, and hardware-clad totes included — one look never dies: jeans and a tee. The combination is simple, but the well-dressed women who attend the shows offer unique updates

20 Uses For Old T-Shirts

T-shirts are a rather ubiquitous clothing item. If you’ve ever played sports, attended a concert, joined Greek life in college or participated in a charity walk, you’ve likely racked up a bunch of them. But over time, they tend to get worn out or just overwhelming in volume. Sometimes, a purge

11 F*cking Cool T-Shirts For Women Who Love to Swear

In case you didn't hear, intelligent people tend to use more curse words. We have to say we really f*cking agree. If you're a woman who likes to drop a couple of colorful words into your vocabulary, we want you to know that we are so here for it. We

23 Stylish T-Shirts You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Give as Gifts

If we're planning to gift someone a t-shirt, it can't just be any plain ol' white tee. We searched for the most stylish picks that can be worn year round and, of course, paired easily with jeans. Since it's the holidays, splurging on a designer t-shirt isn't out of the

42 Easy Outfit Ideas Using a White Tee A white tee is that basic piece that every woman owns, but could you wear one every day? Sure, it could get repetitive whipping out the same staple day after day, but it doesn't have to be. With a little inspiration, you might actually find that you've totally been underestimating