Listen to JFK speak from beyond the grave

President John F. Kennedy can finally make the speech he never got to deliver because of his assassination — thanks to voice synthesis technology.Kennedy was on his way to give the speech in Dallas when he was gunned down in his motorcade by Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 22, 1963.His

That time Steve Jobs didn’t even own a phone

The mastermind of the iPhone, Steve Jobs, did not even own a phone at all when he dropped out of college and was searching for a paying gig.An employment application filled out in 1973 by the future Apple guru just sold for $174,757 through Boston-based RR Auction.The buyer was an

I Quit Spying On My Teenager And Learned Why I Didn’t Need To

Ann Brenoff’s “On The Fly” is a column about navigating growing older ― and a few other things. Spying is such a harsh term, don’t you think? I prefer to view the many GPS tracking devices and location apps on my son’s phone as simply the parenting tools that have proved worthy as

How One Top Cyber Expert Keeps Her Own Kids Safe Online

The internet continues to create new challenges for parents, 1 in 3 of whom reported being concerned about their children’s digital habits, according to the Pew Research Center. HuffPost asked Theresa Payton, a national authority on cybersecurity who has worked at the highest levels of the financial services industry and government

Future File podcast: The video games we’re looking forward to in 2018

Video games had a stellar year in 2017. The likes of Super Mario Odyssey, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Forza Motorsport 7 dominated the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One respectively. Meanwhile, smartphones continue to become better gaming devices with better graphics and more complex titles. That's not to say there weren't controversies.

Everything you need to know about MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures

Firefly Studios, the people behind the Stronghold series, have decided to try their hand at a "tactical dungeon crawler" with their newest project - MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures. The action-adventure title drops players into the role of a heroic rabbit, giant ogre, and magical nymph, where

Sony set to take on the Galaxy S9 with a new Xperia phone at MWC 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S9 isn't the only top-tier smartphone set to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona this month. Sony apparently has a new gadget in the pipeline, according to a cryptic social media tweet from the Japanese company's phone division. According to the

This life-like robotic dog is both creepy and cool

The latest robot update by Boston Dynamics — a company known for its unnerving SpotMini robots — can now open doors, as shown in the company’s latest YouTube video. The video, titled “Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?” shows a signature yellow dog-like creation from Boston Dynamics

Chinese police using smart sunglasses to monitor citizens

The sun never sets on technology’s ability to secretly track us. Police in China have started wearing sunglasses outfitted with facial recognition technology to spot suspected criminals. The sunglasses, which were designed to spot people in large crowds, are connected to a handheld device that scans an internal database of

Apple Homepad sounds great but not so smart: critics

Apple’s new HomePod is a state-of-the-art speaker, but it’s got a ways to go before it’s considered “smart.” That’s the consensus from tech reviewers who had time to jam out to Apple’s $349 speaker this week ahead of its Friday launch. The HomePod delivers impeccable sound quality that

Cryptojacking: How your PC can be hacked to mine Bitcoin for others

The latest attacks involving cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are outsmarting even the biggest tech companies around. Cryptocurrency miners are finding ways to piggyback the computers of unwitting web users, all in a bid to profit from the Bitcoin phenomenon. Cryptocurrencies are digital alternatives to traditional currencies

Sony names CFO Kenichiro Yoshida as new president

TOKYO — Sony Corp. named Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida as its new president and CEO Friday, replacing Kazuo Hirai, who led a turnaround at the Japanese electronics and entertainment company and will stay on as chairman. Yoshida has experience in Sony’s U.S. operations, as well as its network,

Brain scans can reveal who your true friends are

Do you really know who your true friends are? If you’ve ever had doubts, scientists say your brain activity could hold the key. Researchers believe they can now predict who you’re likely to be friends with by tracking how you respond to video clips. According to experts at Dartmouth College,

Google Flights can now predict if your flight will be delayed

Google can now use machine learning to guess if your flight will be delayed or canceled, with startlingly high accuracy. A new update to the Google Flights tool can warn you ahead of time, even before your airline has told notified you about delays. The update, which is now live

Kids receive new ears 3D-printed using their own cells

Scientists have successfully transplanted lab-grown ears onto five children with a serious condition that affects ear development. The children — who all suffer from microtia, which deforms the ear — now have new ears that were 3D printed using their own body cells. “Microtia is a congenital external ear malformation

Robots could climb into old mines to prevent toxic spills

DENVER — Crumbling mine tunnels awash with polluted waters perforate the Colorado mountains and scientists may one day send robots creeping through the pitch-black passages to study the mysterious currents that sometimes burst to the surface with devastating effects. One such disaster happened at the inactive Gold King Mine

“Alien’ manuscript from 15th-century decoded using AI

Scientists have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to unlock the secrets of an ancient manuscript that has baffled experts. Discovered in the 19th century, the Voynich manuscript uses “alien” characters that have long puzzled cryptographers and historians. Now, however, computing scientists at the University of Alberta say they