Watch The 100 season 5 trailer: 'There are no good guys'

Here’s a story familiar to The 100 fans: The earth is finally livable again after an apocalyptic event, but there are plenty of factions willing to kill in order to control the land. Except this time, that land is a whole lot smaller. When we last left Clarke (Eliza Taylor) at

The 100 season 5 trailer is FINALLY here

The trailer for season five of The 100 is finally here and time has moved on. With the show undertaking a six year time leap at the end of season four, things have changed massively for Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and the rest of the survivors. Clarke is now raising a nightblood

The 100 is recasting one character for season 5

The 100 is recasting Clarke's 'daughter' Madi for season five. Madi was introduced in the season four finale played by Imogen Tear, but now Shadowhunters star Lola Flanery has taken over the recurring role of the young nightblood found by Clarke. "The relationship is hugely important for Clarke. She's been