The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 13

The Blacklist Things! Just! Got! Interesting! Don’t get me wrong — watching Skeleton racing on NBC is also going to be interesting, but after the last five minutes of Wednesday’s episode, having to wait three more weeks for our next Blacklist fix might be particularly torturous. (I mean, not

'The Blacklist' first look: Liz finally meets her family

Liz Keen will come closer than ever to getting the truth behind Tom’s death during Wednesday’s episode of The Blacklist. Ahead of a two-week hiatus for the Olympics, The Blacklist is expected to drop some major clues about the show’s mythology when Liz (Megan Boone) finally meets her grandfather,

If you didn’t like when I went on a tear earlier this season about The Blacklist trivializing police brutality for the sake of dramatic flair, oh boy, are you not going to like this (and this episode doesn’t even have any redemptive elephants). You have been warned… Vicious brutality

'The Blacklist' sneak peek: Liz finally calls out Red

It’s the moment a lot of Blacklist fans have been waiting for since Tom Keen’s death: Liz will finally confront Red during Wednesday’s episode of The Blacklist. After Tom (Ryan Eggold) died in search of the truth about Red (James Spader), Liz (Megan Boone) will point blank ask Red

The Blacklist: James Spader, Megan Boone talk making it to 100 episodes

After five seasons of twists, turns, and more blacklisters than we can count, The Blacklist will hit 100 episodes on Wednesday. The NBC thriller debuted back in 2013 with a simple premise: Former U.S. Naval officer-turned-high-profile criminal Raymond Reddington (James Spader) surrenders to the FBI, offering up a list

The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 9

The Blacklist “You know the one thing I’ve learned in all my time out here alone? Men just get in my way.” Ladies and gentlemen, Elizabeth Keen. I didn’t know exactly what The Blacklist’s midseason premiere would bring us, but I certainly wasn’t anticipating a Lizzie bottle episode, and given

The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 10

The Blacklist “You said that once you cross over, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light ever again.” –Donald Ressler, quoting Raymond Reddington So, we’re basically just down to Aram, right? Like, everyone else on the Task Force has gone full

The Blacklist 100th episode: Nathan Lane goes up against Red

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