MLB likely will have a clock for pitchers

The timeless game will very likely feature a clock in 2018, whether players like it or not. Major League Baseball, aggressively working to improve its product’s pace and time of game, intends to introduce a pitch clock this coming season. The only question remaining is whether the dramatic alteration

A guide for MLB free agents to thaw out the spending freeze

Major League Baseball, land of (relative) opportunity and parity, should be thankful The Post has to reach for an NBA analogy to aptly describe this current Hot Stove league: The owners are the Warriors of recent vintage, and the players are everyone else. Good grief, what a nuclear winter for

MLB commissioner on HR surge: We’re investigating the bats

MIAMI — Gotta be the … bats? Baseball’s home-run craze has commissioner Rob Manfred investigating every component of the recipe in order to make sense out of what we’re seeing. Though the notion of a juiced ball has garnered the most attention, the bat remains an item of interest, too. “One thing

We just watched the legend of Aaron Judge get stamped

MIAMI – As huge as New York is — as special as it is — it was Hamburg during the first half of this baseball season, and Aaron Judge was the Beatles. He was doing this brilliant stuff in the largest way — his hulking stature and his oversized accomplishments —