Tourists dangle over unstable cliff edges to take SELFIES

FOOLISH tourists have been caught dangling over the edge of chalky cliffs in pursuit of the perfect photo of the 500ft drop. In stomach-churning snaps, the visitors can be seen swinging their legs over the edge of the cliffs at Birling Gap, East Sussex, taking photos of the view. In one

Kabul hotel gunmen targeted foreigners: witnesses

A group of fashionably dressed terrorists enjoyed dinner at a Kabul hotel before suddenly pulling out their weapons, screaming, “Where are the foreigners?” and killing at least 30, witnesses said Sunday. Several panicked guests at the Intercontinental Hotel in the capital of Afghanistan fashioned ropes out of bedsheets and

NYPD horse bit tourist’s arm: lawsuit

An NYPD horse took a bite out of a Pennsylvania tourist’s arm as she was viewing the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, according to a new lawsuit. The 10-year-old, chestnut brown gelding named Madison is “like a New Yorker,” his handler, Officer Buyukdag Mehmet, said in a 2016 interview about

Winter storm leaves weary travelers stranded at JFK airport

Days after a huge winter storm caused thousands of flights to be canceled across the country, travelers were still waiting to get on planes at JFK Airport Sunday, with some forced to spend the night on cold airport floors. Hundreds of people crowded the airport with long lines weaving

Met announces admission fee for tourists

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will begin charging a set admission fee for most visitors from outside New York State in March, it announced Thursday. Empire State residents and students from the tri-state area will still be allowed to pay what they wish, but all other museum patrons will

North Korea’s bizarre Disney-style water park closely monitors tourists

KIM Jong-un has had this water park built but only North Korea’s elite can visit due to the high entrance fee. Israeli tourist Ariel Shalev took the pictures in Pyongyang. He described how officials closely monitored foreigners throughout their visit – even in the changing rooms. The 32-year-old lawyer said: “For

Man dies snorkeling during holiday vacation

MARATHON, Fla. — A Missouri man died while snorkeling in the Florida Keys on Christmas Day. Monroe County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Becky Herrin said in a news release that 69-year-old Owen Holmes of Ozark, Missouri, was visiting the Keys with his family over the Christmas holiday. He began to have

Grandmother among Americans killed in Mexico bus crash

Five Americans were among the dozen people killed when a tour bus flipped over in Mexico — including a grandmother from Miami, according to reports. Fanya Shamis, 78, of Coconut Creek, and her 11-year-old grandson were on the bus ferrying Royal Caribbean cruise ship passengers to Mayan ruins when

Americans among at least a dozen killed in Mexican bus crash

At least a dozen people died and several others, including Americans, were injured when a bus ferrying cruise ship passengers to Mayan ruins in Mexico flipped over on a highway, according to officials. Seven Americans and two Swedish citizens were injured in the horrific crash, Quintana Roo state Civil

Man declares himself the king of disputed territory in Africa

An Indian man has declared himself the “king” of an unclaimed plot of land in North Africa. Suyash Dixit dubbed Bir Tawil — the 800-square-mile patch of disputed land between Egypt and Sudan — the “Kingdom of Dixit,” according to a post last week on his Facebook page, in