Dozens of NJ Transit engineers diagnosed with sleep apnea

More than one in 10 New Jersey Transit train engineers who were screened for sleep apnea tested positive for the condition, which can make them spontaneously fall asleep while on the job, according to agency officials. Out of the 373 train engineers tested, 57 were taken off duty because

Indian railway blames food poisoning on children, not food

Twenty-five passengers aboard the Tejas Express traveling from Goa to Mumbai in India fell ill and had to be hospitalized after eating breakfast provided by the premium train.Now, following an investigation conducted by the Central Railway, authorities are defending the food served and instead pointing the finger at two young

Hogwarts Express train rescues stranded family in Scotland

LONDON — As if by magic, the Hogwarts Express has come to the rescue of a stranded family in Scotland.The train that took Harry Potter to school was played onscreen by the Jacobite steam train , which runs on a remote and scenic route through the Scottish Highlands.On Friday, it

Richard Branson is plowing cash into Hyperloop One

British billionaire Richard Branson on Thursday placed another bet on the future with an investment in Hyperloop One, which is developing super high-speed transportation systems.Hyperloop One said Branson’s Virgin Group would take the company global and rebrand itself as Virgin Hyperloop One in the near future.Branson has joined the board

MTA wants to fix flaw in sleep-apnea rules

MTA chairman Joe Lhota wants the agency to fix a major flaw in its sleep-apnea rules — which allows diagnosed bus and train operators to work for up to three months before getting treatment.Under current union rules, a worker who drives a train or bus can go right back to

This horrific, deadly train wreck sparked the creation of the MTA

The MTA might never have existed had it not been for one nightmare Wednesday in 1950.On Thanksgiving eve, the commute home was well under way. Thousands of train riders were heading from Penn Station back to Long Island, anticipating the long holiday weekend.Then came the screech of steel against steel

Penn Station to add porta potties during bathroom renovations

Amtrak plans to renovate Penn Station’s notoriously disgusting bathrooms by the end of the year — but to do so, it will have to bring in portable toilets, officials said Friday.Amtrak officials have not yet decided whether to start with refurbishing the men’s rooms or the women’s rooms.But either way,

Student fleeing Hurricane Irma ends up stranded in rail yard

A college student exhausted from her long journey from Florida to New Jersey to flee Hurricane Irma passed out on a train — and woke up stranded in a rail yard.Claire Connelly, who attends Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, was on the New Jersey Transit’s Raritan Valley Line

College student killed while “train hopping’ with boyfriend: report

A Pennsylvania college student has been killed while she was “train hopping” with her boyfriend, according to reports.Lindsey Marie Michaels, 21, hopped a Norfolk Southern coal train in Pittsburgh around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, WTAE-TV reported. She was killed when she fell and was dragged under the train.“The train, moving 130

Suspect chased by cops hides in UWS subway tunnel

A man being pursued by cops ran into an Upper West Side subway tunnel — delaying trains during Friday morning rush hour, police and transit sources said.Police had initially responded to a call of an armed robbery near 96th Street and believed that the man, Michael Rivers, was the suspect

The end of the “Summer of Hell’ is right on schedule

Mark your calendar: New York’s “summer of hell’’ for commuters will depart right on schedule: Tuesday, Sept. 5.Amtrak said Thursday that’s the day service on its trains, as well as those operated by the Long Island Railroad and NJ Transit will return to their normal schedules at Penn station.That doesn’t

Dozens killed when trains collide in Egypt

Two trains collided in Egypt on Friday — killing at least 43 people and injuring more than 120 others, according to reports.The incident happened just outside the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, near the Khorshid station along the route to Cairo, according to the country’s health ministry.Video captured at the

Al Qaeda eyes trains and subways as new targets

Al Qaeda wants to exploit the relatively lax security procedures protecting America’s railroads and attack trains and subways, a new report said Friday.The latest issue of the terrorist group’s magazine, Inspire, is headlined “Train Derail Operations,” and describes ways to attack trains, which have far fewer security protections than airline

Joe Lhota says MTA needs money for repairs pronto

MTA Chair Joe Lhota said Monday he doesn’t oppose Mayor de Blasio’s proposed “millionaire’s tax” to fund future subway fix-ups— but it does nothing to pay for the repairs that are urgently needed.“I still won’t get the money until a year from now,” Lhota said. “I can’t wait that long.

Amtrak train slices through car stuck in railroad crossing

HARDEEVILLE, S.C. — Authorities in South Carolina say a beginning driver and her passenger got out just in time after she got stuck trying to turn around at a railroad crossing.An Amtrak train carrying 400 passengers sliced the car in two and the wreckage caught fire as it was dragged

Elderly perv busted for masturbating on subway train

An 84-year old public-lewdness offender was nabbed for a fifth time Saturday while masturbating aboard a southbound 5 train, according to cops.Francisco Cuevas of Hughes avenue in the Bronx was found with his hands down his pants, masturbating for several minutes while seated behind three children, police said.The pervy old-timer

Dozens injured in Barcelona train crash

View SlideshowFacebook Twitter Google Facebook Messenger WhatsApp Email CopyBARCELONA, Spain — Some 50 people needed medical treatment after a Spanish commuter train crashed into the buffers at a station in northeastern Barcelona early Friday, Catalan government officials said.Regional health chief Antoni Comi said 54 people in all received

Cuomo to lobby Washington for more transportation funds

Gov. Cuomo is headed to Washington on Wednesday to ask for more federal transportation money to help with the transit crisis and to protest proposed changes to healthcare and tax revenues that could “cripple” the state.The governor will meet with New York’s Democratic congressional reps and Transportation Secretary Elain Chao.He

Angry commuter tears into de Blasio at press conference

Mayor de Blasio got an earful from commuters Tuesday when he held a press conference inside a subway station next to City Hall about the sorry state of the system.“Fix the trains,” yelled Lainie Durnin of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. “That’s what New York wants.”Another woman repeatedly yelled “Sandinista,” an apparent

MTA’s latest failure blamed on poor “maintenance procedures’

The Q train derailment that led to massive subway delays Friday was caused by a “failure to follow maintenance procedures,” MTA officials said Monday.The truck underneath a car on the Brighton Beach train in Brooklyn was in “abnormal condition” because the required upkeep wasn’t done, subway Vice President Winton Habersham

The ‘Summer of Hell’ goes digital after ticket app fiasco

NJ Transit commuters experienced a new kind of hell this morning when they were threatened by conductors on trains and kicked off buses after their MyTix app failed.One pregnant woman said a bus driver kicked her off after she was unable to pull up her ticket on the malfunctioning app,

New trains for Hamptons crew means no AC for LIRR riders

Some Long Island Rail Road passengers are being forced to commute on a dingy old train with broken air-conditioning — because the newer rides have been allocated to the pampered Hamptons crowd for the summer.“I guess the richer people get to have the air-conditioning before me,” griped Lisa Ludwig, 51,