Penis-shaped lipsticks are back… but would YOU get one out in public?

Yes, that's right, penis shaped lipsticks are back. Appropriately named 'd*cksticks' or 'lipd*cks', they have made a perfect comeback in time for hen parties this year. Groupon is getting in on the action by selling the lipsticks at a cheap price - making them great for a joke prezzie. The prices start at

Dip dye eyelash extensions are the latest bonkers beauty trend… and they’re not for the fainthearted

The semi-permanent, multicoloured lashes are sweeping social media, and they'd probably attract a few odd glances on the school run. They're the brainchild of a salon called The Joanna Keller Boutique in Vancouver, Canada. And it essentially looks like you've carefully coated the ends of your lashes with a bright mascara. Make-up artist

Metallic brows are the latest Instagram beauty trend… quite literally

While 'fierce' eyebrows usually suggest boldly filled in strong arches, one Instagrammer has added metal hardware so your look is hard as nails – literally. Milan Bauranov shared the looks to his Instagram, and although it’s one style you may not want to try at home, his followers quickly took to

11 Things We’re Obsessed With This Week, Besides Friday The 13th

What could be more fitting than Friday the 13th falling in October? Not much, except, perhaps, a one-of-a-kind, slouchy-fitting sweater coat. In addition to obsessing about what the heck we’re going to wear when Halloween rolls around in a couple of weeks, we’re obsessing over some wickedly perfect finds this week. Namely,

Doctor Foster’s Gemma sparks concern with viewers

Doctor Foster sparks concern with viewers when they spot a worrying trend involving Gemma: Gemma Foster was seen downing a glass of wine during one dramatic scene [BBC] The second series recently returned to screens and gave an insight into Gemma's life two years after she found out that her husband had