A Comprehensive Guide to Every Shoe Kanye West Made Famous

Kanye West's most famous rap lyric may be "I made that b*tch famous," but it's his line of shoes that has been shattering records and starting trends since it debuted. Some of his biggest supporters include his wife, Kim Kardashian; her entire family; and a slew of other celebrities, making

Do Not Throw Out These 7 Pieces of Clothing in 2018

Donating or selling old clothes to make room for this season's newest styles sounds like a good idea to us. (It feeds into our shopping addiction.) But before you start tossing out that new top or needs-to-be-tailored skirt, you'll want to review the Spring runway trends. That way, you won't

The SAG Awards Red Carpet Was a Glittering Sea of Sequined Gowns

While celebrities wore black in honor of the Time's Up initiative at the Golden Globes, they opted for a more glittery alternative for the SAG Awards. The red carpet was a sea of sequined gowns with many celebrities deciding to save their sparkliest looks for the award show. From Nicole

The 11 Creative Design Trends That Will Define 2018

Let's be honest: there are few greater pleasures in life than spotting a perfect, gorgeous, inescapable image that stays with you for days. It's what drives Instagram users to dig deep for that perfect inspiring photo, and why Pinterest continues to be the go-to destination for Zen planning.

18 Stylish Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack This Season

Figuring out how to wear a fanny pack can seem a little tricky, especially when you're trying hard not to look like you're stuck in a time warp. Thanks to celebrities like Kendall Jenner, this accessory is officially cool again, and we've been taking styling cues from the models and

Buy These Swimsuits Now and Wear Them Through 2019 — Because They’ll Still Be Cool

https://www.instagram.com/p/BdYl4utAsWX/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BdYl4utAsWX/ The new year starts in January, and if you think that's not bikini season, well, you're wrong. Right when Resort collections drop, it feels like the supermodels and stars jet-set off to extravagant beach locales, showing us exactly what to wear for the new year. We've done our research, analyzing

How to Warm Up to the 1 Print Every Woman in Fashion Loves

In fashion, leopard print can almost be considered a neutral. That's not just because it usually comes in varying shades of brown and black, but because the pattern itself is classic. For years, it's covered everything from fuzzy coats to shoes, and it even commanded attention on neon pieces in

The "Days of the Week" Sweater You’re Seeing Everywhere

Wasn't it just yesterday we were rotating between our days-of-the-week panties and socks? Perhaps Alberta Ferretti could sense fashion's big love for nostalgia, because the designer's first capsule collection is a throwback to the themed clothing of our youth. The Rainbow Week wool and cashmere sweaters come in seven different

2017’s porn was defined by MILFs, lesbians and Japanese cartoons

In 2017, women put all sorts of horrible things in their vaginas and men injected, implanted and struggled with their gigantic penises. But on the less painful and more pleasurable side of what goes on below the belt, porn in 2017 was all about the continuing decline of teens,

47 Trends Every ’80s and ’90s Girl Remembers

Between listening to new wave and boy bands and staring at our posters of Rob Lowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, and JTT, we somehow managed to style ourselves up in acid-washed jeans, biker shorts, jellies, and other semihorrific pieces way back when. Even though we shudder to think of some of the

14 Stars Who Have Been In on the Braless Trend For a Long Time

When Kendall Jenner posted on her app about going braless, it caused a case of internet chatter. No one was exactly surprised, since she's been baring hints of her nipple ring through sheer tops for a while, but Kendall isn't the only one. Stars throughout history have walked the red carpet

Introducing naked bridal jumpsuits

Shredding for the wedding just got a little more stressful. Brides can now forgo white dresses for mesh bridal jumpsuits with strategically placed white flowers, according to Cosmopolitan. Barcelona-based designer Pronovias was commissioned by model Cristi Pedroche to kick off this sure-to-be trend. It’s the (au) natural(e) progression of the mesh-dress trend

Silicon Valley loves “raw water’ that will make you sick

In case you haven’t noticed, Silicon Valley is obsessed with health, or at least the appearance of health. You can see evidence of it just about everywhere, including internet-connected juicers and new medical “breakthroughs,” but rarely is a new trend as obviously flawed as “raw water.” Raw water is

This Fashion Week-Approved Bucket Bag Is Unlike Any Other You’ve Seen

We first spotted Staud's unique Moreau bucket bag over the Summer when it was popping up all over our social media feeds. Now we're seeing the LA-based brand's bag being carried by some of our favorite street style stars during Fashion Month. With the bag's fisherman-inspired netting and chic leather handles,

The most obnoxious beauty trends of 2017

This year was jam-packed with bizarre beauty trends, fueled by social media and a quest for likes, views and retweets. Below, the worst of the bunch. Wonky brows A post shared by Taylor R (@taytay_xx) on Dec 5, 2017 at 5:43am PST Unicorn products A post shared by Jazzy Glitter (@jazzy_glitter) on Mar 22,

These Brides Went Sheer on Their Wedding Day in the Most Gorgeous Gowns

https://www.instagram.com/p/BI7Tk-VDRER/ So you're thinking of wearing a sheer wedding gown? Instead of telling you that's an impossible idea, we wholeheartedly support it. For one, sheer gowns often appear breezy and light, and with the addition of lace or extra embellishments, the style can be both romantic and sexy. It's also possible to

This new NYC boutique is like the “Clueless’ closet brought to life

Cult fashion brand Reformation, beloved by the leggy likes of Karlie Kloss and Emily Ratajkowski, has opened a third NYC shop at 39 Bond St. — and it’s got a futuristic twist. Although the 3,500-square-foot space features the usual racks of eco-friendly threads, the looks on the floor are just for

The absolute worst fashion trends of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, let’s say goodbye and good riddance to these fashion faux pas, which reared their ugly heads on catwalks, sidewalks and red carpets this year. Designer Crocs Fashion, for years, has been in the throes of an ugly footwear fetish, adopting Birkenstocks and Tevas as the new

15 Times We Wanted Gigi Hadid’s Monochrome Outfit For Ourselves

Gigi Hadid's signature outfit isn't denim on denim, like her sister Bella's. Instead, it's a full-on monochromatic look. You might have noticed Gigi wearing more matchy-matchy ensembles thanks to her new stylist Mimi Cuttrell. This has become the model's go-to look, whether she's in London, Paris, or New York. It's

Your Ultimate Guide to the Hottest Sunglasses of 2018

Some fashion girls are addicted to collecting sunglasses, and we completely understand. If this sounds like you, you'll be pleased to know we rounded up the top five must-have styles for the new season. Based on runway and street style trends, we narrowed down the search to select styles that

How to Give Your Denim a Makeover Without Spending a Dime

Jeans are pretty much the only universal uniform we can think of. They take you from brunch to baseball games, the office if you're lucky, and, heck yes, even holiday parties. They're no trend; they're the one look we know will never go out of style. Obviously, as the years

A List of Luxury Brands That Have Banned Fur (So Far)

Michael Kors made headlines in December 2017 after announcing the fashion house would no longer use animal fur in any of its products. According to the company's press release, "the fur-free policy will cover both Michael Kors and the recently acquired Jimmy Choo line." The move came after a meeting