BBC Two crime drama Murder is getting a US remake

BBC Two's critically-acclaimed and BAFTA-winning crime drama Murder is getting a US remake. For the latest British show to travel across the pond, CBS has given the go-ahead to a US remake of BBC miniseries Murder, which tells the story of the events leading up to and after a

Ex-con arrested for killing mum killed AT LEAST seven more, say cops

A SUSPECTED serial killer shot dead nine people in three weeks including his mother and stepdad, say police. Cleophus Cooksey Jr, 35, from Arizona, was arrested on December 17 after he allegedly shot and killed his mother and stepfather. While in custody, police said they discovered his gun had been

US Government on brink of shutdown as senate fails to agree new budget

THE US government suffered an embarrassing 'shutdown' after senators failed to agree a budget. It means President Donald Trump will welcome the first anniversary of his inauguration Saturday at the head of an administration that is out of funds. It could also affect Brits with the visa and passport process

Inside hidden nuclear cold war shelter in Inside nuclear cold war shelter hidden in York housing estate which could save us if Kim Jong-un attacks Britainwhich could save us if Kim attacks Britain

THESE incredible pictures show the inside of a nuclear bunker hidden in a Yorkshire housing estate once "preparing for Armageddon" during the Cold War. But now the underground nerve centre with blast-proof concrete doors could help protect us if Kim Jong-un nukes Britain. It comes after Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson warned