EastEnders fans spot Whitney Dean and Tina Carter link

EastEnders: Whitney Dean fans have noticed a link between her and Tina Carter [BBC] EastEnders viewers have been left with one question after noticing something about Tina Carter and Whitney Dean during the latest episodes of the BBC soap. Whitney, played by Shona McGarty, confided in Luisa Bradshaw-White’s character after

EastEnders fans stunned over Donna Yates’ discovery

EastEnders: Whitney Dean confronted Donna Yates for interfering with her love life [BBC] Only recently on EastEnders, Whitney Dean confronted Donna Yates for interfering in her love life and her blossoming romance with Callum "Halfway" Highway.  She said: "This time last year, my husband left me. "Do you have any idea how hard it was

EastEnders ‘CONFIRMS’ romance for Whitney Dean and Halfway

EastEnders: Callum Halfway Highway left Walford on Thursday's episode [BBC] Only recently on EastEnders, Callum 'Halfway' Highway has been going to extreme measures to woo Whitney Dean with elaborate dates and gestures.  However, after it looked as though he had left Albert Square after being called back out by the army, he made

Celebs Go Dating fans stunned by Whitney Dean lookalike

Celebs Go Dating: Viewers were in hysterics over Sam Thompson's date called Vienna [E4] Celebs Go Dating viewers were stunned when someone who looked like EastEnders actress Shona McGarty appeared on the show. Sam Thompson met his date Vienna on the E4 series – but some fans couldn’t help

EastEnders character ‘forgotten’ as Whitney and Halfway date

EastEnders: Viewers were confused as Halfway wined and dined Whitney Dean despite being a close family friend of Lee Carter [BBC] EastEnders has been accused of forgetting a major character as Whitney Dean and newbie Halfway were spotted on a romantic date during Wednesday night's one-off episode.  The former Queen Vic

EastEnders: Tiffany Butcher and Keegan Baker set for ROMANCE

EastEnders: Tiffany Butcher wants to get Whitney Dean a boyfriend – but will she get with Keegan Baker? [BBC] EastEnders favourite Keegan Baker joined pal Shakil Kazemi in the cafe, when Tiffany Butcher had a proposition for them. Tiffany, played by Maisie Smith, was on a mission to get sister

EastEnders star Shona McGarty planning a big family with new fiance Ryan Harris

Shona McGarty is planning a big family with her fiancé [Shona McGarty/Twitter] The EastEnders actress, who plays Whitney Dean in the BBC One soap, is set to marry Ryan Harris later this year.  And Shona McGarty is already planning on having a large family. Ryan already has two children from a previous relationship, Scarlett, 10, and six-year-old

EastEnders: Whitney Dean for new romance amid Martin affair

EastEnders: Whitney Dean is set for a new romance  [BBC] Only recently on EastEnders, soap watchers predicted that Whitney Dean and Martin Fowler could be set for a shock affair. However, it has now been revealed that there is a new romance in-store for Whitney, but it's not Martin and instead Callum

TJ EastEnders: Who is TJ Spraggan? Bianca Jackson link revealed

Whitney Dean has been trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on with sister Tiffany Butcher. EastEnders viewers now fear Tiffany, played by Maisie Smith, is part of a new grooming storyline. Whitney called stepbrother TJ Spraggan to find out what has been going on back in Milton

EastEnders: Whitney Dean learns truth about Bianca Jackson

EastEnders: Whitney Dean learned the truth about Bianca Jackson [BBC] Tiffany Butcher’s claims that mother Bianca Jackson, also known as Bianca Butcher, had tried to kill herself were exposed as a lie in Tuesday’s episode. EastEnders fans saw Tiff’s sister Whitney Dean frantically trying to find out whether Bianca had

EastEnders Tiffany Butcher hiding a MASSIVE SECRET’

EastEnders: Viewers suspect Tiffany Butcher is hiding a secret as she begs Whitney not to leave Walford [BBC] EastEnders viewers are beginning to suspect that Tiffany Butcher – played by Maisie Smith – is hiding a "massive secret" after she was seen begging Whitney Dean not to leave Walford to visit Bianca

EastEnders fans tip Whitney Dean and Martin Fowler romance

EastEnders: Whitney Dean is tipped for a new romance [BBC] Whitney Dean recently moved back in with Stacey Fowler, the mother of her niece Lily, and her husband Martin Fowler. Now, following Stacey’s shock exit, viewers think Whitney will make a move on Martin. EastEnders character Whitney was stunned when sister Tiffany

EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany Butcher secret revealed

EastEnders: Tiffany Butcher runs away as Whitney Dean confronts her over her secret [BBC] EastEnders teen Tiffany Butcher, played by Maisie Smith, has been hiding something from sister Whitney Dean. But fresh from her shocking admission that mum Bianca Jackson tried to kill herself, Tiffany finds herself in danger next

EastEnders: Tiffany Butcher reveals Bianca Jackson secret

EastEnders: Tiffany Butcher has only just returned to Albert Square [BBC]  Only recently on EastEnders, teenager Tiffany Butcher returned to Walford to see her sister Whitney Dean. Whitney has been thrown by her younger sibling's unexpected arrival, especially as she had made plans to move away to Wakefield to start a new life.  And

EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean to LEAVE Albert Square

EastEnders: Whitney Dean contemplates leaving Walford for Yorkshire [BBC] On the upcoming episodes of EastEnders, Shirley Carter, who is temporarily left in charge of the Queen Vic, tells an upset Whitney Dean that she's no longer needed at the pub. Whitney confides in Bex Fowler who encourages her to dream big and

EastEnders fans predict shock romance between two characters

EastEnders: Abi Branning was rushed into theatre so they could deliver the baby [BBC] On Friday's episode of EastEnders, the hit BBC One soap aired its explosive New Year's Eve episode.  And while the show mainly focused on unconscious Abi Branning as she gave birth to her baby daughter, viewers

EastEnders: Tiffany Butcher return storyline REVEALED

EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany Butcher returns to Walford [BBC] Teenager Tiffany Butcher returns to Walford to see her sister Whitney Dean, and she has a huge surprise. EastEnders confirmed Maisie Smith would be back recently, but the reason why was not revealed. In upcoming scenes, Whitney is stunned when Tiffany rocks up on

EastEnders exit plans for Whitney Dean and Woody Woodward

EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean plans to leave Walford next week [BBC] EastEnders newbie Woody Woodward, played by Lee Ryan, decides to leave Albert Square next week. After getting a bar managing job offer in Spain, he decides to take it – but wants fiancée Whitney Dean to go with him.  Whitney

EastEnders: Whitney shocked by return amid Lee Carter news

EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean is surprised when Moose returns [BBC] EastEnders character Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarty, is engaged to newcomer Woody, played by Lee Ryan. But as their wedding plans continue next week, there’s a spanner in the works as a familiar face heads back to Walford to see

EastEnders: Linda Carter leaves Mick after Fi Browning news

EastEnders: Linda Carter left after Fi Browning told her about her moment with husband Mick Carter – has she gone for good? [BBC] Linda Carter and husband Mick Carter left fans believing they were splitting, after Mick suggested the move on a recent episode of EastEnders. Kellie Bright’s character Linda returned to

EastEnders: What is Linda Carter’s secret?

EastEnders: Linda Carter finally confirms her secret next week [BBC] Linda Carter has hinted she is hiding a huge secret from her loved ones on EastEnders since her return. Kellie Bright reprised her role as Linda briefly earlier this year before returning full time in August – after the actress went on

EastEnders: Linda Carter learns devastating news

EastEnders: Linda Carter found out Mick Carter had kissed Whitney Dean from Denise Fox [BBC] EastEnders character Linda Carter returned to Walford earlier this month and was devastated to learn Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, cheated on her. Kellie Bright’s character had a showdown with Mick and former daughter-in-law Whitney Dean

EastEnders: Mick and Linda Carter set to SPLIT

EastEnders: Is this the end for Mick and Linda Carter? [BBC] The Queen Vic landlord strayed with daughter-in-law Whitney Dean while his wife Linda Carter was away caring for her sick mother. And upon Linda’s return, Mick Carter decided to tell Linda the truth, causing a huge strain on their marriage. But despite

EastEnders: Linda Carter makes another HUGE discovery

EastEnders: Linda Carter makes a huge discovery next week after Mick Carter's betrayal [BBC] EastEnders character Linda Carter makes another big discovery next week, fresh from her heartache over husband Mick Carter. Linda returned to Walford earlier this month and was devastated to learn Mick, played by Danny Dyer, cheated on her. Kellie

EastEnders: Linda Carter SLAPS Mick Carter over new betrayal

On the episode of EastEnders, Linda Carter – played by Kellie Bright – finally got her life back on track with her husband Mick Carter – played by Danny Dyer – at the Queen Vic. Only recently, Linda chucked Mick out of their marital home and pub after he confessed to have a brief fling and feelings for their former daughter-in-law

EastEnders: Linda Carter tells Stacey Fowler shock admission

On the episode of EastEnders, Linda Carter – played by Kellie Bright – struggled to cope without her husband Mick Carter – played by Danny Dyer – at the Queen Vic. Linda chucked Mick out of their marital home and pub after he confessed to have a brief fling and feelings for their