Nikolai Glushkov's daughter Natalia 'found body of Putin enemy who once put polonium killer Andrey Lugovoy in jail' in London home

Natalia Glushkova discovered evidence of “strangulation”of the Russian exile, Russian media reported, with cops confirming they were investigating the "unexplained" death of the 68-year-old. Glushkov's cause of death hasn't been confirmed but anti-terror cops are leading the investigation as a "precaution" due to the "associations" he was believed to have had. Today,

Rape, beatings, LSD binges and terrifying ‘survival missions’ in Death Valley: Charles Manson cult member Dianne Lake, who joined when she was 14, reveals what life in the ‘family’ was really like

The sheer mention of his name evokes feelings of terror in millions of people, to whom he is a killer, a lunatic, a child rapist. Or as Dianne Lake, the youngest original member of his murderous cult the Family, puts it: "Charlie became the Boogie Man - the evil guy of

Moped thugs who robbed school run mum of £25k Rolex at knifepoint and dragged her along road as her kids watched in horror caught on camera

Thieves Thomas McDermott, 24, and George Fitzgerald, 17, were filmed dragging Heather Mitchell along a street in Chelsea, west London last year. Southwark Crown Court heard Ms Mitchell had been taking her children to school, when McDermott and Fitzgerald approached her. After she became suspicious and realised she was going to be attacked,

Craig Mack dead at 46 – Flava In Ya Ear hip-hop star who was part of Puff Daddy's Bad Boy Entertainment dies from heart failure

The hip hop singer, who rose to prominence in the 1990s, died on Monday night of heart failure aged just 46. Mack had been part of Puff Daddy's Bad Boy Entertainment in the 1990s, with a remix of his single Flava in Ya Ear becoming the breakout appearance of The Notorious