NCIS recap: Season 15, Episode 17

NCIS The procrastinator’s dream show American Pickers heats up a cold case that’s long eluded the much-missed Dr. Mallard. Ducky and Gibbs are both astounded when the episode they’re watching features a woman refusing to sell an old wooden club with a missing spike. The spikes look very much like the one that

A body in a barrel in the back of a twice-stolen van kicks off the action in this week’s episode, which showcases the rarely seen emotions of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Navy Cmdr. James Willis vanished a week ago after visiting his mother in hospice. Then a car thief hot-wired

‘NCIS’ recap: ‘Family Ties’

What crimes won’t we forgive when they’re done for good reasons by and for the people we love? Vance and the team explore this topic tonight when a hit and run reveals a much older run job. The body of Scott Jenkins, a Marine and a marathoner known for

NCIS recap: Season 15, Episode 10

NCIS Six sticks of gum, four protein bars, two flashlights, and one measly first aid kit. That’s one sad 12 Days of Christmas roster that Torres and Jack are stuck with when they take shelter in an Afghanistan cave during NCIS’s final episode of 2017. We open with Sen. John Phillips,

NCIS recap: Season 15, Episode 11

NCIS A young man on a rented yacht eagerly awaits the arrival of the escort he hired for the evening, but when the smokin’ blonde struts in, her angry ex-boyfriend’s hot on her heels. And while the potential john may be disappointed, the audience definitely isn’t. That’s right, friends, it’s

NCIS recap: Season 15, Episode 12

NCIS Here’s a thing I never expected to type in an NCIS recap: Fifty Shades of Grey does not offer accurate insight into the psychology of the BDSM community. Unfortunately, following one of the show’s saddest cold opens in recent memory, NCIS wanders down that same kink-shaming path as