Olympic curlers slam Kirstie Alley after she calls sport boring

The 2018 U.S. Men’s Olympic Curling Team isn’t one to mess with — just ask Kirstie Alley. The curlers didn’t back down on Monday when Alley, 67,  joked about the sport in a tweet, writing, “I’m not trying to be mean but…… Curling is boring.” In response, they tweeted: “We’re

Olympics 2018: Bobsledder Aja Evans' Must List

Aja Evans found her way into bobsledding in an unusual way: she competed in track and field in college before switching gears (and surfaces). Since then, she’s picked up a bronze medal in Sochi and has her eye on the prize for another medal in PyeongChang. Ahead of the

Stunning Photos Show The Evolution Of Women’s Figure Skating Costumes

Women’s figure skating is, hands down, one of the most visually stunning events to watch at the Olympics. Not only do the athletes put on an impressive display of grace and skill, they also dazzle us with their glittering costumes. Glitter and crystals, however, weren’t always the norm in the world

‘Furious’ US hockey coach skips handshake with Russian coach

The Russians aren’t just meddling in our elections. Now they’re disrupting our Olympic hopes. US men’s hockey coach didn’t extend his hand to his Russian counterpart at the end of Saturday’s brutal 4-0 loss — because he probably wanted to give him the finger. The former New York Ranger blew

O.A.R. the band on OAR the Olympic Athletes Russian

While lots of viewers of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea have wondered why there is an OAR Olympic athlete team at the Winter games, others, like the folks at Mashable, were concerned about how the band, O.A.R. were dealing with having to share a name

Adam Rippon wants to look “slutty’ when he skates

see also Adam Rippon is Team USA’s most outspoken competitor — and he channels that brazenness in his skating costumes, too. When it comes to fashion, “Adam is interested in a lot of things that all the other guys seem to be afraid of,” LA-based designer Braden Overett tells The Post. That

Olympics 2018: Leslie Jones has arrived in PyeongChang

The Winter Olympics just got even more thrilling; Leslie Jones has landed in PyeongChang. The SNL cast member’s commentating career might have started on Twitter back in 2016 during the Rio Games, but it soon blossomed into a full-fledged side job when she was invited along to Brazil as an

Olympic skating duo compete in honor of Florida shooting victims

When the U.S. figure skating pair Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim took to the Olympic ice this week, they performed for much more than just a score. After their free skate on Thursday, the husband-and-wife team leveled an AR-15 at his former classmates and teachers. The couple had previously

The Epic Evolution Of Men’s Figure Skating Costumes Through The Years

There’s no sport in the Winter Olympics quite like figure skating. It has everything: grace, style, strength and, of course, flashy costumes. Most of the attention is usually on the women’s costumes, which are undoubtedly beautiful and often covered in enough sparkle to light up a whole rink. But the men’s costumes have

Olympic analyst’s Chinese ski gaffe: ‘Hard to tell who’s who’

This Olympic commentator was severely lacking in both style and execution. An Australian talking head came under fire Thursday for seemingly suggesting that all Chinese people look the same. Chinese skier Yan Ting finished her women’s aerials qualifying run with a double-twisting, double somersault, prompting Australia Channel 7’s Jacqui Cooper

North and South Korea are united in their hatred of Japan

GANGNEUNG, South Korea — As South Korea’s national soccer coach prepared to play Japan in a 1954 World Cup qualifier, President Syngman Rhee, who’d been liberated, with the rest of Korea, from Japan’s brutal colonial rule in 1945, had some advice should the Koreans lose: “Don’t think about

Kim impersonator a hit with North Korean cheerleaders

North Korean despot Kim Jong Un continued making waves at the Winter Olympics – this time sending a group of cheerleaders from the hermit kingdom into a tizzy — even though they realized he was a fake. The cheerleaders giggled as the impersonator, who identified himself as Howard, smiled

Fans forced to evacuate Olympic Park amid powerful winds

see also Officials are asking spectators to evacuate the Olympic Park in the coastal city of Gangneung and take shelter indoors because of strong winds. An announcement in Korean and English advises fans to go inside for safety Wednesday afternoon. Workers are disassembling tents around the park. Volunteers are also using

A guide to Olympic hockey, including some potential future Rangers

A fairy tale once came true and it happened to “U-S-A, U-S-A,” but this isn’t 1980 and Pyeongchang isn’t Lake Placid. So, pockets full of miracles a thing of hockey history, sit back and enjoy the lads with intriguing backstories who will represent the Red, White and Blue in

North Korea waves flag of unified peninsula at Olympics

North Korea went rogue at the Winter Olympics, flying a flag that depicts contested islands off the peninsula’s coast — and some everyday South Koreans couldn’t be happier. During the unified Korean women’s hockey team game Sunday, cheerleaders for the Hermit Kingdom waved flags depicting a unified peninsula, which

Olympics 2018: Snowboarder Chloe Kim's best moments

Chloe Kim took the world by storm Tuesday when she won the gold in the ladies’ halfpipe snowboarding competition at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Kim isn’t just a star in the United States; because her parents immigrated from South Korea, she has big fans in that country, as well.

Whoops: TV station confuses PyeongChang with P.F. Chang's

A Chicago TV station confused South Korea’s Winter Olympics host county of PyeongChang with a popular restaurant offering quasi-upscale Orange Peel Shrimp and Hand-Folded Crab Wontons last weekend. WLS-Ch.7 had an on-air blunder that resulted in the logo “P.F. Chang 2018” during its local Olympics coverage. P.F. Chang’s is, of course,

Olympics Winter Games 2018: Best celebrity tweets

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang are well underway, and spectators from all the world are tuning in — including celebrities (they’re just like us!). Ellen DeGeneres, Leslie Jones, and Reese Witherspoon are among the A-list live-tweeters offering support and hilarious commentary about the games. We’ve gathered up