Love Island: Tyla Carr has revealed she wants a more ‘macho and playful’ man in the villa [ITV2]

In Friday night’s episode of Love Island, Tyla Carr wobbled over her feelings for Jonny Mitchell after the recent arrival of Theo Campbell.

Theo caused waves in the villa when he brazenly pulled Tyla aside for a chat and told her he would choose her in a recoupling, which left him clashing with Jonny who accused him of being “sly”.

But after previously saying that he “didn’t feel threatened” by the athlete, it seems Jonny could have something to worry about as Tyla admitted she wanted a more “macho” man with a “playful” nature.

She told pal Amber Davies: “I think I’m getting a little bit like ‘ugh’ with Jonny. I just feel like he’s not playful enough for me.

Love Island: Tyla Carr and Jonny Mitchell have a chat about where they’re at [ITV2]
Love Island: Jonny Mitchell admitted that it has been ‘weird’ with Tyla Carr [ITV2]

“He is just very soppy and I don’t mind soppy as long as it also comes with playfulness and manliness…

“I like the kisses and the cuddles and putting his arm around me and stuff but I also want him to pick me up and throw me in the pool.”

She later blasted their relationship for being “repetitive and dull” in a chat to the rolling cameras in the Beach Hut.

With the recouping looming and Theo getting to pick before Jonny, is there a new love match on the cards?

Love Island: Theo Campbell told Tyla Carr that he would consider picking her in the shock recoupling [ITV]

Elsewhere in the villa, things are going considerably better in the romance department for Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt.

The 27 year old gushed about her growing feelings for Jamie in the Beach Hut saying: “He obviously is amazingly attractive and that’s something that he has had the fortune to make a career out of and he could come in and that could be all he talked about if he wanted to.”

Camilla continued: “But what he talks about is the other side of things, like what he’s interested in, how he wants to make the world a better place, his friends, his family and it was lovely.”

And she confided in Theo that her date with Jamie bonding over books and current affairs was the first time she’d had a conversation like that in four and a half weeks.

Love Island: Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt are getting closer – will they couple up? [ITV2]

Meanwhile, Jamie is equally as smitten with Camilla as he tells her former love interest Jonny Mitchell that he finds her “very attractive”.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.


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