Amber Heard Slammed for Urging People to Hide Their 'Nannies' from ICE Checkpoints in Hollywood

Amber Heard is facing backlash for telling “everyone” to “give their housekeepers, nannies and landscapers a ride home tonight” after learning of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement checkpoint near her home.

“Just heard there’s an ICE checkpoint in hollywood, a few blocks from where I live. Everyone better give their housekeepers, nannies and landscapers a ride home tonight…,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

Twitter users were quick to criticize her message, with many accusing her of cultural stereotyping.

“hi, amber. i love you so much so i’m gonna say this to you: not all immigrants are housekeepers, nannies and landscapers (not that there’s anything wrong with being one) but this stereotype should have long been eradicated,” one fan responded.

“Out of touch much?,” wrote another.

Some users defended the actress, 32, believing her message to be sarcastic.

After deleting her initial tweet, Heard posted another calling out President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policies, writing: “Checkpoints on your home streets…. Is this the ‘great’ America we’re aiming for? Raids, fences and police-state like checkpoints don’t feel like the ‘land of the free’ our immigrant ancestors built.”

She later posted a photo of a child and wrote, “With this human rights crisis being so politicized, it is hard to make a simple statement w/out it being used to distract from the real issues. Its hard for everyone to not be negatively affected by this subject n some way.”

PEOPLE is out to Heard’s reps for comment.

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