Arrow's season 6 finale delivers game-changing twist and a major death, but some fans aren't happy

Warning! Spoilers for the season six finale of Arrow, ‘Life Sentence’, lie ahead.

After a slightly mixed sixth season, Arrow‘s latest outing drew to a game-changing, if slightly disappointing, close last night (May 17).

Fans knew that Paul Blackthorne’s character Mayor Lance would be leaving the series, but that didn’t make Quentin’s departure any less upsetting – or infuriating.

After a showdown between Team Arrow and Ricardo Diaz, who had threatened to kill Laurel Lance unless her father ordered the FBI out of town, Quentin was shot and later died in the hospital.

And Arrow fans were left digesting the uncomfortable fact that the bad guy got away and the good guy at its heart hadn’t.

That wasn’t the only twist that fans lamented – there was also Oliver Queen’s decision to out himself as the Green Arrow before turning himself in to the police.

While one fan congratulated Arrow on “a more depressing ending” than the one in season three, another admitted they were “tired” of watching good characters sacrificing themselves.

“You guys know you don’t always have to hurt Sara Lance right?” one questioned.

Reflecting on Quentin’s death, executive producer Marc Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly that the decision to end Mayor Lance’s story in that way had always “intrigued” the team.

“We really felt that we had come to the end of Lance’s story, but primarily, whenever we kill off a character, it’s always out of, well, what does this get us?”

Hinting at the fallout in season seven, Marc said: “What story consequences does this lead to that excite us? The idea that Diaz is responsible for Lance’s death has huge ramifications for Laurel’s character and her storyline.”

“Once we start getting excited about those consequences and start getting excited about the stories that the death leads to, it kind of takes on its own momentum,” he added.

Arrow will return with season seven, and a new team behind-the-scenes, some time this autumn. The series will air in a new time-slot of 9pm on Mondays.

Arrow airs on The CW in the US. Sky One airs the show in the UK.

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