Big Brother viewers are completely distracted by one housemate for a hilarious reason

Big Brother viewers have a lot more to process this series than they’re usually accustomed to, what with the introduction of the Big Coin, team shake-ups and one housemate leaving the show after a record 19 hours – and it doesn’t help that they’ve now found something new to be distracted by.

Although she may be best known to most viewers as being at the centre of the new series’ first big row (always a milestone moment), many fans are now noticing a striking resemblance between housemate Anamélia Silva and pop star Jessie J.

So, naturally, they took their findings to Twitter to all but melt down as they share their utter disbelief at how the two faces look vaguely similar:

“Anamelia looks so much like @JessieJ … it’s weirding me out and I don’t think I can watch it.. I love Jessie J but this is too strange because I can’t see anamelia as anamelia, I see her as somebody who looks like Jessie J,” one viewer wrote.

Another fan, in sheer amazement, added: “Jessie J have you seen the girl called Anamelia on big brother uk she looks like you so much.”

Of course, it’s probably worth mentioning that Anamélia and Jessie are two entirely different people and while Anamélia is busy finding herself at the centre of the first drama of the series, Jessie is currently gigging in Asia before taking her tour to the US and the UK later this year.

Still, fun coincidence though.

Big Brother continues tonight (September 18) at 10.15pm on Channel 5, followed by Rylan Clark-Neal presenting Bit on the Side at 11.15pm.

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