Bill Oddie turned down Celebrity Big Brother appearance because he 'has principles'

It seems the Celebrity Big Brother house won’t be graced by the presence of bird watcher Bill Oddie any time soon. Or ever, in fact.

The presenter, 76, has revealed that he turned down the opportunity to appear on the reality TV show because he ‘has principles’, which presumably include not being stuck in a house with hostile celebrities and dressing up like a swan or something whenever Big Brother instructs him to.

    Speaking to Talk Radio, Oddie said: “The Celebrity Big Brother house – no offence to them or anybody else but I, for two seconds, I had to go ‘argh’ when you ask what the fee is, because it’s ridiculous.”

    He revealed that with the amount of money he was offered to go on the show he could have bought himself “a couple of footballers”, but having turned it down he stated: “I have principles.”

    This isn’t the fist time Oddie has turned down CBB, having done so back in 2017.

      Oddie also admitted to turning down I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! more than once because he’s “not going on television eating wildlife.” That would probably be somewhat damaging to his reputation as a lover of wildlife.

      Oddie hasn’t always been opposed to reality TV, however, having appeared on BBC One’s The Real Marigold Hotel alongside Lionel Blair and Dennis Taylor back in 2017.

      If there’s one thing we can take away from all of this, it’s that Bill Oddie is exceedingly hot property in reality TV.

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