Brooklyn Nine-Nine boss addresses cliffhanger after season 5 finale

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the season 5 finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, ‘Jake & Amy’.

The final episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s fifth season aired last night (May 20) and left fans hanging.

As Holt read out an email that confirmed whether or not he’d landed his dream job, he simply said: “Well, from the look on my face, I’m sure you can guess what it says.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, creator Dan Goor opened up about the cliffhanger, and if Holt would get the job if Brooklyn Nine-Nine had been cancelled.

“I cannot answer that. Have you ever read that short story ‘The Lady, or the Tiger?’ That guy never said whether or not it was the lady or the tiger,” he explained.

“People tried for years. So I feel like there’s a weird way in which saying it would’ve been one thing and then maybe making it something else is like a narrative dissonance, where it’s almost like a Schrödinger’s cat thing,” Goor added. “The world should be consistent.”

On whether there are any hints about the cliffhanger, Goor said: “The answer is there. If you truly know Holt, you’ll know.”

Barely a day after Fox cancelled the police sitcom, it was miraculously un-cancelled. Not by Netflix, not by Hulu, but by NBC.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs on Fox in the US, before returning for a 13-episode order on NBC later this year.

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