The cast of Humans take 'the Human test' to find out if they're secretly a Synth

Gemma Chan’s performance as the android Mia in Channel 4’s Humans is scarily convincing… but is there more to it than just good acting?

Chan, Emily Berrington (Niska) and Tom Goodman-Hill (Joe Hawkins) sat down to take ‘The Human Test’ – which determines whether the user is human or Synth – and you can watch what happened exclusively on Digital Spy.

Things get tense as the cast are grilled on such tough topics as human rights and whether machines can replace man… and are subjected to the noise of several hungry kittens.

‘The Human Test’ is a bespoke app specially created for voice assistant smart home hubs Google Home and Amazon Echo. Launched on April 26, it brings the show’s storyline to life by separating the humans from the robots with a series of probing questions (developed in consultation with a proper psychologist and everything).

Users who take the test and discover they are a synth will be sent a detailed description of their personality type, taken from the Official Synth Manual, which was created by the show’s production company Kudos.

Having taken the test and discovered their true identity, users will be directed to a website, – homepage of The National Synth Detection Unit – which hosts Synth and human profiles, more information about the NSDU, and the trailer for the new series of Humans.

The Humans Test is also available on mobile and in chat bot form at

The final episode of Humans series two left viewers on a thrilling cliffhanger, as all Synths became conscious and almost indistinguishable from humans. Set a year later, the new series sees humans living in fear of the sentient green-eyed Synths and on a mission to detect those living amongst them.

Humans returns to Channel 4 tonight (Thursday, May 17) at 9pm.

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