Catching a Killer is new chilling Channel 4 documentary that follows tragic murder and disappearance of mother-of-three Natalie Hemming from start to finish

The one-off episode, which airs tonight at 9pm, will track the Thames Valley Police as they search for the mother-of-three, build up a case and come to a devastating conclusion.

Filmmaker, Anna Hall, shadowed the unit for six months during their investigation and was even there for the initial 999 phone call.

So the show gives a rare and groundbreaking insight into the police force during the case which quickly turns from a disappearance to a murder enquiry.

And it is the first time a murder case has been filmed from start to finish for television.

Catching a Killer follows the tragic murder and disappearance of Natalie Hemming [Channel 4]
Catching a Killer: Natalie Hemming was reported missing by her mother [Channel 4]

In 2016, Natalie Hemming was reported missing by her mum.

For three weeks, the police searched for the mother-of-three car salesperson from Milton Keynes.

Channel 4 has released a trailer in which she can be heard saying: “My daughter’s been missing for 48 hours…”

While a member of the police force adds: “It’s really important that we do this for Natalie and her family.”

Catching a Killer: The police searched for Natalie Hemming for three weeks [Channel 4]
Catching a Killer: Natalie Hemming’s body was tragically found beaten to death after a three week police search [Channel 4]

However, their hunt was tragically cut short after her body was found beaten to death near woodland.

The Thames Valley Police’s hunt quickly turned from a missing person’s to a serious murder investigation.

However, the case was hit with a further twist after it was revealed who the murderer was.

Natalie’s ex-partner Paul Hemming was convicted of her murder.

Catching a Killer: Natalie Hemming’s ex-partner Paul Hemming was convicted of her murder and sentenced to a minimum term of 20-years in prison [Channel 4]

The carpet salesman was jailed for life and sentenced with a minimum term of 20-years in prison.

Catching a Killer is on tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.


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