The Chase fans spot ‘biblical’ line-up of contestants

The Chase viewers spotted a "biblical" line-up of contestants on Wednesday night’s show.

The players were called Matthew, Mark and Luke with a Joan standing in for John.

The names were almost identical to the four best-known apostles – part of the twelve chief disciples of Jesus Christ.

Viewers were quick to predict the players would have good luck during the game thanks to "divine intervention".

But unfortunately the religious overtones didn’t help the group as they failed to beat the Chaser.

The contestants came up against Jenny Ryan – known as The Vixen – who spotted the Biblical team a mile off.

"I’m just glad Joan was available because John was on holiday," she quipped.

Meanwhile fans rushed to Twitter to comment on the line-up.

"I think somebody did that on purpose…" one fan commented.

"The line-up looks very Biblical today Bradley," another added

A third tweeted: "Matthew, Mark, Luke and Joan. Quality work by the production team today."

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