Chuckle Brothers believe they were rejected from Celebrity Big Brother for not being 'nasty enough'

The Chuckle Brothers have revealed that they’d like to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

And although they’re TV legends, Paul and Barry think that they won’t be allowed into the house because they’re not “nasty enough”.

Speaking to I Talk Telly, the ’90s icons confirmed that they have in fact been in talks to enter the CBB house a couple of times in the past.

And they’d be happy to give it a go, too – so long as there’s a good supply of whisky provided.

“We have [been approached], so you never know, maybe one day we’ll give it a go,” Paul said. “It would be fun, as long as they’ve got whisky in there and not just beer and wine.”

But if Paul’s wife has anything to do with it, the pair will be taking part in a rather less luxurious show.

“I know the wife wants us to go into the jungle on I’m A Celebrity so that she can go in that Versace Hotel… I know her game,” Paul said.

“She’d be drinking champagne and having caviar while I’m eating a load of rubbish in the jungle. But Celebrity Big Brother I’d do.”

Barry also doesn’t sound so keen on the idea of heading Down Under to take part in that particular show either.

“I would have done I’m A Celebrity a few years ago, but I think I’m getting a bit past it now,” he said. “I’m not sure I could do all those things that they want you to do.

“I’d probably do Celebrity Big Brother. We were asked and they were talking to us about it but nothing came of it. I think they thought we weren’t nasty enough.”

The double act recently made an incredible cameo in ITV comedy Benidorm, playing magic act The Great Crostini & Co.

What’s more, Barry was also playing a killer drag artist on the show, which was every bit as brilliant as it sounds.

You’ll no doubt want to relive one of the pair’s classic clips now, so we’re here to help:

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