Come Jan 1, You Can Watch All 8 Hours and 10 Minutes of 'The Godfather' Trilogy on Netflix

If your New Year’s resolution happens to be versing yourself in classic cinema, I bring forth good news! Francis Ford Coppola’s famed Godfather trilogy is coming to Netflix on Jan. 1. 

Both the Godfather I and II walked away with the Best Picture awards at the Oscars, and are heralded as cinematic masterpieces. The films first came out in 1972, and 1974, respectively, though the third didn’t arrive until 1990.

The Godfather stars Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone, the patriarch of an organized crime family, and Al Pacino as Don Vito’s son and heir, Michael. The sequel, which simultaneously acts as a prequel, stars Robert De Niro as a young Don Corleone. By all accounts the third and final Godfather does not live up to the glory of its predecessors, though it’s definitely worth a watch. 

Also coming to Netflix on Jan. 1? The equally beloved cinematic series, Bring It On. For sanity’s sake, best to alternate between the two.  

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What are you most looking forward to watching?



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