Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt attacks his cellmate in prison as his rape trauma continues

The shocking incident happens when his cellmate – Paul – gently tries to wake him up.

But David – who has been struggling with any physical contact since his horrific ordeal at the hands of Josh Tucker earlier this year – totally flips out and shoves a stunned Paul viciously up against the wall.

When David’s girlfriend Shona, actress Juila Goulding in the ITV soap, visits him later, she’s shocked to hear about the violent outburst and pleads with David to tell his brief Imran Habeeb about the rape.

Shona’s already mentioned to Imran that there are extenuating circumstances which explain David’s recent erratic behaviour but, despite him pushing her,
hasn’t revealed he was drugged and raped by the vile mechanic.

David is still adamant that he doesn’t want anyone else knowing about the rape as he feels too ashamed.

When Shona reveals she confronted Josh about his actions and vowed she’d make him pay, David reacts with distress and Shona worries that she’s done
more harm than good.

Later, she’s confronted by a furious Alya Nazir who wants to know exactly why Shona hates her new boyfriend Josh so much.

With both Imran and Alya putting pressure on Shona, will she be able to keep David’s secret or much longer?

Or will she end up revealing Josh’s true nature in a bid to save her boyfriend from jail?

Julia recently revealed to The Sun Online’s Soap Bubble column that Shona would be there for David despite the callous way he dumped her after his rape.

She said: “Everything that's happened, I imagine, would go out the window because it's such a serious, horrific thing to have happened to him.

"She loves him with all her heart and that's why it's so painful for her.

"You don't just stop loving someone overnight like that when you've been dumped."
Corrie fans will see David confess the horrific truth to Shona in an hour-long special tomorrow (Wednesday) night.


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