Coronation Street trouble for Bethany Platt as Kayla tries to destroy her friendship with Craig Tinker

Coronation Street newcomer Kayla Westbrook starts to show her true colours next week, as she tries to drive a wedge between best friends Bethany Platt and Craig Tinker.

Kayla was recently introduced as a waitress at the new Speed Daal restaurant, taking a romantic interest in Craig (Colson Smith) when he became one of the business’s first customers.

Although Kayla seemed kind and genuine on first impressions, her story begins to take a darker direction next week as she deliberately stirs up trouble for Craig’s friendship with Bethany (Lucy Fallon).

When Craig and Kayla meet for their first date, the warning signs are already there as she can’t resist questioning him about Bethany – much to his confusion.

The couple go on to enjoy a successful date despite the initial awkwardness, but it seems that Kayla’s fixation on Bethany is only just beginning.

After overhearing Bethany tell Emma Brooker that she’s worried about how Craig will cope in the police force, Kayla goes straight to Craig to tell tales.

Kayla spitefully tells Craig that Bethany reckons he won’t cope being a policeman because of his OCD, completely twisting the earlier conversation.

Craig is hurt and later snaps at a baffled Bethany over what she said, while Kayla is secretly pleased to have driven a wedge between them. And it seems she’s only just getting started…

Mollie Winnard, who plays Kayla, revealed: “Kayla plans to get closer to both Craig and Bethany and learn more about the relationship that they share, because she knows there is more to it than meets the eye and the only way for her to do that is to be closer to Craig.

“By driving a wedge between the two of them, Kayla can then get information from Craig about their relationship and what is going on between the two of them.”

On Kayla’s decision to report back to Craig about Bethany’s private conversation, Mollie continued: “Bethany technically did say it! Maybe not in the way that Kayla makes out, maybe she twists it a little bit, but who doesn’t twist the truth every once in a while to suit them?

“Kayla does take it out of context and puts her own spin on it, whereas Bethany was saying it out of concern. But she makes out to Craig that Bethany was having her doubts. It’s the beginning of the cracks in their friendship forming. Kayla wants Craig all to herself.

“Kayla is very happy that her plan is working and it’s like with anything in life, when you see results, it makes you want to do it more. So the fact that she is getting the results that she wants makes her feel like her plan is moving forward and she is only going to up the ante from here.”

Coronation Street spoilers have recently revealed that Kayla secretly wants revenge because she’s the daughter of disgraced policeman Neil Clifton, who’s currently in jail for his role in Bethany’s grooming ordeal.

Later this year, we’ll see Kayla hold Bethany captive in shocking scenes when the truth is eventually revealed.

Coronation Street fans will see Kayla’s scheming begin in an hour-long episode on Friday, June 22 at 8pm on ITV.

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