Coronation Street viewers confuse David Platt’s cellmate with Aaron from Emmerdale but it’s actually Darius from Footballer’s Wives

In tonight’s episode David Platt, played by Jack P Shepherd, was thrown into a cell after missing his court date.

Things got even worse for him though when he discovered he would have to share to cell with someone.

But when his cellmate entered, those watching at home were momentarily caught off guard thinking it was Aaron from Emmerdale, played by Danny Miller.

It was in fact actually the actor Peter Ash, who is best known for his role in the hit show Footballer’s Wives.

One person wrote: “Literally thought Aaron from Emmerdale came into the cell 😂😂#corrie.”

Someone else commented: “Nice to see Danny Miller swapping soaps 😂 #Corrie.”

And another added: “I properly though David was sharing a cell with Aaron off emmerdale, but with a prosthetic nose😅.”

David is currently in jail after breaking his bail conditions by missing an important court date.

He did a runner on the day he was due to appear after learning that Aidan had committed suicide.

Things got too much for him and went into hiding, only to be discovered by his concerned ex Shona.

David finally opened up about being raped by Josh Tucker after being moved by Aidan’s suicide.

He told Shona: “I’m only telling you because I know that with everything that’s going on in my head I could have have ended up like Aidan.”

Devastated, she said: “I’m so glad you’ve told me. Because you’ve told someone and not kept it all bottled up. I couldn’t bear to lose you he way the Connors have lost Aidan.”

He admitted: “I came so close. But I’ve told you and if today’s taught me anything it’s that Thank God I will live.”

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