Coronation Street viewers disappointed in David Platt after he makes homophobic remarks about Billy

Coronation Street fans couldn’t hide their disappointment in David Platt during tonight’s (July 6) instalment of the ITV soap.

Viewers slammed David after watching him make homophobic remarks about Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) as the vicar headed to the community centre to see how David is getting on painting it as part of his community service.

Much to the dismay of viewers, Billy walked in on David showing off to a fellow offender who was also spewing homophobic remarks about the vicar, with one Corrie fan even noting that they were “ashamed” of David for putting down Billy to impress his new mate.

After the other man left, Billy demanded answers from David regarding his homophobic behaviour but was shocked to find out that he wouldn’t back down after he asked for an apology.

Instead, David told Billy that his sexuality makes him “sick”.

David then freaked out over their exchange and backed into the wall after Billy refused to let him leave, telling the vicar “I don’t want this” after the interaction seemed to bring back flashbacks of his horrific rape ordeal.

And, as viewers began to realise what caused the remarks in the first place, it wasn’t long before they acknowledged that David was suffering with PTSD, which had viewers worrying for David and left many urging him to talk to someone about what happened.

Which is exactly what happened in the second of the two episodes, as the two had an emotional heart to heart about what had happened to David, and the exchange saw David get pretty emotional:

Billy then encouraged David to get some professional help. Will he follow Billy’s advice?

Elsewhere, Michelle was still trying to get to the bottom of what happened to her son Ryan, while Sarah confessed to Bethany that she could be responsible for putting him in the hospital.

As Sarah went to visit him in the hospital, she told Ryan everything about what happened but is shocked after he blackmails her, telling her he’ll go to the police unless she gets him the money he wants.

It’s safe to say that viewers were pretty surprised by the development.

Coronation Street airs on ITV. See the soap’s full World Cup schedule changes here.

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