Coronation Street viewers fear Ken Barlow's beloved dog Eccles has been killed off after she's POISONED by a sausage sandwich

Tonight, the terrier is found seriously ill in the Barlow’s yard whining in pain.

Viewers are now waiting with baited breath to find out if the dog has been saved in time.

One said: "I swear to god, if anything bad happens to Eccles I am going to go a little bit mental! #Corrie #Coronationstreet @itvcorrie."

Another said: "C’mon don’t take it out on the animals. Don’t kill off Eccles. But, I bet Toyah will get the blame regardless. #Corrie".

Someone else added: #corrie and of course I cry at the Eccles scene."

It was Toyah Battersby who found Eccles passed out in the Barlow’s yard.

A trip to the vet later reveals that the pooch ate a sausage sandwich which had been laced with slug poison.

One soap viewer was so enraged by the storyline that they have made an official complaint to Ofcom.

A fan revealed: "My friend is complaining to Ofcom about Eccles getting hurt. She's not happy #Corrie".

When Simon realises that Tyler poisoned Eccles, Toyah suggests that Ken (Bill Roach) take him to a cottage in Cornwall to get him away from Weatherfield until the court case.

Simon, played by teen actor Alex Bain,has been shunned by the group of thugs after grassing ring leader Tyler up for breaking into Daniel Osbourne and Adam Barlow’s flat and attacking Flora McArdle.

Despite being a fully accepted gang member, Simon decided to  stay in the flat and make sure the pensioner was ok, instead of fleeing with Tyler.

After telling the police that Tyler was behind the attack, the gang leader paid Simon a visit at home, promising that he would get revenge for his betrayal.

Sorry Simon continues to try to make amends with the locals by apologising to all his victims when he returns from court after pleading guilty.

The reformed bad boy even offers to wash up the dishes in the café for free, to make up for stealing from the till the week before.

But it’s not long before Tyler arrives at Roy’s Rolls, leaving Simon feeling terrified.

He’s surprised though when Tyler offers him an olive branch, telling him that if Si hands over a free sausage sarnie he’ll call it quits.

Simon is baffled but hands over the sandwich, which Tyler takes and slips under the gate of No.1.

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