Dani Dyer's mum says she'll "be smacking her arse" if she has sex on Love Island

While viewers are all geared up for the new series of Love Island to start tomorrow (June 4), one person who isn’t looking forward to it quite as much is contestant Dani Dyer’s mum.

Dani, whose dad is EastEnders hard-man Danny Dyer (Mick Carter), previously claimed that her father has given her his blessing to have sex on the reality show if she wants to.

But Dani’s mum Joanne Mas has made it very clear that she doesn’t have the same opinion.

    “Danny would definitely not have told Dani she could have sex on TV. No way,” she told The Mirror. “He is losing sleep with her not being at home.

    “I will be smacking her arse if she ends up behaving like a ho. I’ll be going ballistic big time. I will not be happy.”

    And it’s not just Joanne who Dani will have to face up to if she gets raunchy on the show, because Joanne’s own mum Carol has also given her a stern warning.

    “I’d be really disappointed in her, especially after having a pep chat with her,” Carol said.

      “I said: ‘Think of all your actions and remember if you don’t have respect for your body nobody else will.’ Men don’t respect girls who are floozies anyway.”

      Dani previously said that she won’t even kiss the men on Love Island, explaining: “I wouldn’t have a daddy.”

      Dani will soon be busy checking out all the men on the sun-drenched show, ready to couple up with one – or possibly more – of them.

      The couple who are eventually crowned the winners later in the summer will win £50,000.

      Love Island begins tomorrow (June 4) at 9pm on ITV2 – and we can’t wait to find out who will be the new Kem and Amber (and Kem and Chris, of course).

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