In the Dark fans distracted over baby bump

In The Dark is the new BBC One drama that’s gripping the nation, and things took a shocking turn in the latest episode.

DI Helen Weeks, played by Twilight actress MyAnna Buring, was given some devastating news.

After getting caught up in a drive-by shooting, her partner Paul was killed.

Helen was left heartbroken by the news, with the character heavily pregnant and weeks from giving birth.

In The Dark: The new BBC One drama has gripped the nation [BBC]
In The Dark: Paul Hopkins was killed off in a car accident [BBC]

However, as a devastated Helen was given the tragic news, show watchers were left distracted by her ‘oversized’ baby bump.

Taking to Twitter viewers shared their thoughts on the scene and the costume.

One person said: “It’s a jolly good yarn but that baby bump is mesmerising. #InTheDark.”

A different account put: “I want to pay attention to the plot but Helen’s comical bump is preventing me. #InTheDark.”

In the Dark: DI Helen Weeks [BBC]
In the Dark: Viewers were left distracted over DI Helen Weeks’ baby bump [BBC]

Another show watcher commented: “That bump of hers is quite distracting from the plot. Like a very large beach ball up her jumper #InTheDark.”

While another user simply remarked: “That bump is ridiculous #InTheDark.”

However, despite the baby bump blunder, viewers were quick to praise MyAnna for her acting and the storyline.

One person said: “Helen’s character is so well acted, but the bump, is the whole cast in there? #InTheDark.”

In the Dark: Viewers took to Twitter to talk about DI Helen Weeks’ ‘oversized’ baby bump [BBC]

While a different user added: “Totally brilliant and gripping . . .apart from the bump haha #InTheDark.”

In The Dark continues next Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One.


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