Deadpool gatecrashes Gary Lineker's intro on Match of the Day

Deadpool seems to be crashing everywhere at the moment, from your DVD covers to late night TV monologues.

And now, the Ryan Reynolds character has taken the endless Deadpool 2 marketing campaign to our side of the pond – though thankfully didn’t target the royal wedding.

No, instead the Merc with a Mouth crashed the FA Cup Final as Match of the Day started on BBC One this afternoon (May 19).

During Gary Lineker’s dramatic montage intro to the show, everything suddenly stopped as Deadpool himself appeared on screen and gave the folks of the UK a message.

“Good afternoon citizens of the great British kingdom,” he began ahead of the Chelsea vs. Manchester United FA Cup Final match.

“My name is Deaddingtonpool Smythe, the 12th Baron of Old Fordinghamshire-ham-shire, and I’m dead excited to welcome you to the FA Cup Final.

“This is the oldest cup competition in the world. Oodles of history, glory, tension, emotion. So please, prepare yourself for the Uniteds of Manchester vs the Blues of Chelsea.

“I guarantee it will not be pony, or my name isn’t Deaddingtonpool Smythe the 12th Baron of I’m not gonna bother saying this again.”

He then shouted off screen to the presenter, asking: “Gary, that good for you? Better than Alan Shearer?”

After his bit was done, the camera cut to the studio with Gary and his co-hosts Alan Shearer and Ian Wright, the former joking: “Like he’s ever heard of Alan Shearer!”

“Nice of Wrighty to lend ’em his suit,” Alan then joked of his colleague, with Ian declaring that “the gloves are off”.

Gary also thanked Ryan Reynolds for doing the skit, though then clarified for viewers: “That was of course Deadpool, for those of you wondering what on earth was going on”. Thanks for the heads up.

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