Donald Trump Appeared in Some of the Most Ridiculous Commercials You've Ever Seen

Donald Trump is the President of the United States, but he’s also known for his reality television show gigs and his strange appearances in commercials. Before he began wrecking havoc on the U.S. government, Trump was known for his ridiculous commercial spots. In fact in the ’90s and early 2000s, he popped up in fast food spots (his fave), Visa commercials, and even one for his own board game.

Check out some of his most absurd TV appearances for yourself.


Donald Trump in a McDonald’s commercial | The Daily Conversation via YouTube

Back in 2002, the Donald appeared in a McDonald’s commercial for the $1 Big N’ Tasty.  Delighted by the idea of having such a good deal, Trump chats briefly with the well-meaning Grimace and even compliments the Mickey D’s character on his purple coloring. It was a much simpler time.

At the end of the commercial, Trump says, “Together Grimace, we can own this town.” Talk about some very terrifying foreshadowing.

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Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust

Donald and Ivana Trump in a Pizza Hut commercial | The Daily Conversation via YouTube

In the ’90s, Pizza Hut came out with their beloved stuffed crust pizza, so of course, they called up Trump to introduce it to the public. Set in a luxury penthouse to what is suppose to be some sexy jazz music, Trump, and his ex-wife, Ivana Trump, are dressed for a black tie affair. The newly divorced couple then proceeds to shock all of society by eating their pizza crust-side first.

At the end of the commercial, the former Mrs. Trump asks for the last slice of pizza, and Trump tells her, “Actually, you’re only entitled to half.” It was actually one of the more clever Trump commercials, considering the settlement Ivana had just received from him.

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Trump: The Game

Donald Trump in a commercial for Trump: The Game | The Daily Conversation via YouTube

Since Monopoly was already taken, President Donald Trump obviously had to come up with his own game. Aptly named, Trump: The Game, the billionaire starred in a 1989 commercial advertising it.

As New Yorkers run about the city in a frenzy, the Donald introduces his board game as, “A game where you deal for everything you’ve ever wanted to own because it’s not what you win or lose, it’s whether you win.” As far as hiscommercials go, it’s as Trump as you can get.

We’re 99% sure Trump came up with his own tagline.

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Pizza Hut in the new millennium

Donald Trump in a New Yorker Pizza Hut commercial | Hawkotron via YouTube

Apparently, the ’95 stuffed crust commercial with Pizza Hut did so well, that the restaurant chain invited Trump back again in 2000 to showcase their New York Style Pizza. Though we can now claim Sex and the City‘s Mr. Big as Mr. New York, we suppose Trump held the title once upon a time.

The commercial opens with images of NYC and then cuts to Trump comparing himself to Napoleon and Alexander the Great. (No, we aren’t making this up.) Using the tagline “Go big or go home,” Trump praises Pizza Hut’s The Big New Yorker Pizza, which was apparently 40% bigger than the average pizza and priced at a tidy $9.95.

What a time to be alive.

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Diet Pepsi

Donald Trump in a Diet Pepsi commercial | The Daily Conversation via YouTube

In 1988, the world was all abuzz about the fight between Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks. Tyson would go on to K.O. Spinks on June 27, but before all of that went down, Donald Trump teamed up with Diet Pepsi for, “The Fight Before the Fight.”

The commercial is rather mysterious and mostly involves reporters running after Trump asking him questions as he enters Trump Tower in New York City. It’s clear that the president always did love the spotlight.

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Visa Check Card

Donald Trump in a Visa Check Card commercial | The Daily Conversation via YouTube

In the Visa Check Card commercial, NYC and Trump Tower are once again on display, which makes us wonder how much input 45 had on the creative direction of his commercials. Standing on the roof of Trump Tower, the POTUS bellows out about the convenience of the Visa Check Card as his hair blows about in the wind.

Suddenly, he accidentally drops the card off the roof. The camera cuts to Trump rummaging through a large dumpster for the check card before learning that he could have recovered all of his money if the car was stolen or lost. For a known germaphobe, it seems strange that the president would voluntarily go dumpster diving even in a Donald Trump commercial.

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Serta Mattresses

Donald Trump in a Serta mattress commercial | The Daily Conversation via YouTube

Once again, Trump has invited us to the Trump Tower to talk about his Trump Luxury Home Mattress collection by Serta. Speaking to Sheep No. 1, Trump explains that he’s finally getting the same luxury in his home that he demands in his hotels.

After putting the sheep out of business, he then offers them jobs as part of the welcome committee at his hotel. It’s as bizarre as it sounds.

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Donald Trump in an Double Stuf Oreos commercial | BigSkyEdit via YouTube

Trump and a Trump impersonator (SNL‘s Darrel Hammond) teamed up for a series of Oreo commercials. In one,  the pair, along with football stars Peyton and Eli Manning, were supposed to be having an Oreo dunking competition at the Trump Tower in the “Trump Dome,” but it doesn’t work out so well.

The Mannings race through the competition leaving the suit-clad men in the dust. The Trumps (the real and the fake) are too busy complementing their successes to partake. Of course, in the end, Trump has to “fire” his impersonator.

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