EastEnders fans point out major mistake in Phil Mitchell's revenge plan against Max Branning

During last night's episode of the hit BBC One soap, Phil's wife Sharon confessed that she had stolen a customer's BMW from the garage and hid it in a lockup.

Phil told Sharon that she had to return the motor – so she suggested they should park the car at Max's car lot and make it look like he'd stolen it to sell on.

Phil agreed, so Sharon ordered Keanu to drive the car in the middle of the night and leave it on the lot.

However, the hole in the plan is the fact the premises has CCTV – something that was highlighted at the time of Lucy Beale's murder in 2015. There's also signs outside the lot that says it has CCTV installed.

Viewers were quick to point this out, and took to Twitter to make their feelings known.

One viewer wrote: "Yeah but, there's security cameras outside and inside the car lot… They made a big deal about them when Lucy was murdered so…"

A second quippped: #Eastenders is ridiculous. A car lot with no CCTV."

A third said: "A car forecourt with no CCTV, what are the odds?"

And another said: "Phil, Sharon, and Keanu’s fingerprints are all over the car, not Max’s. Also, CCTV footage would show Max was in other places. Can’t wait to see how this works out."

A fifth said: "#eastenders are the #cctv cameras broken???, because there is a sign !!!"

Elsewhere in Walford, viewers are convinced Vincent Hubbard is alive after Phil told his wife Kim he would be back.

Last month, Vincent – played by Richard Blackwood – was bundled into a car and held at gunpoint by a fake cop who appeared to be working for Phil.

As Vincent appeared to accent his fate, the screen went black, leaving viewers with no idea whether he had been killed or not.

But in last night's episode, a guilty looking Phil gave Vincent's wife Kim – played by Tameka Empson – a bundle of cash and said it was what he owed for buying Vincent's car.

When Kim asked why he was only paying for it now, Phil said he hadn't had the chance to get the cash to Vincent before he left.

Kim also questioned the amount, but when Phil said he was the car expert and the money he owed was more than Vincent had told her, she was delighted.

She replied: "Well he will be made up, I'll let him know. Thanks."

Having overheard Kim on the phone desperately trying to find her husband in the cafe earlier in the episode, Phil then added: "You do that and er, he'll be back."

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