EastEnders spoilers: Bernadette Taylor confesses feelings for Tiffany Butcher after their kiss

Tiff and Bernie shared a snog during a game of Spin the Bottle but the smooch has left Karen Taylor’s daughter feeling confused about her sexuality.

Since the kiss chess-loving Bernadette, played by Clair Norris, has been avoiding her friend, but Tiffany notices that she’s feeling awkward and is trying to keep out of her way.

Missing her friend, Tiff tells Bernie that she’ll practice chess with her and pretends to be interested in it just so she can spend some time with her.

But Tiff, played by Maisie Smith in the BBC soap, accidentally upsets Bernadette when she clumsily approaches the fact that she’s been avoiding her.

Tiff says she knows that Bernie fancies her and that’s why she’s been off with her.

Humiliated and in tears, Bernadette orders Tiff to leave. Later Bernie finally admits to Tiff that she’s confused by her feelings for her.

To Bernie’s surprise, Tiff is understanding and supports her and their friendship is soon back on track.

But will it develop into something more than just good friends?

EastEnders fans have been convinced that Bernie has been secretly in love with Tiff.

It all started when the pair kissed in the E20 which came as the teens remembered murdered friend Shakil Kazemi.

But Bernie has been left wondering if she may have more than just friendship feelings for Tiff after the teens broke into E20 to hold their own wake for Shakil and played spin the bottle.

When the bottle landed on Bernadette, Tiffany initially laughed off calls from the others to kiss her friend and even called Hunter "a little perv" for wanting to see it.

But when Hunter insinuated that two girls were too scared to kiss, Tiffany stunned Bernadette by leaning in for a kiss on the lips.

She said: "A Butcher should never be dared!"

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