EastEnders star Tameka Empson flirts up a storm with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

EastEnders star Tameka Empson appeared on Good Morning Britain today (March 14).

While she was on the show to talk about her upcoming appearance on Famously Unfit…for Sport Relief, Susanna Reid jokingly claimed the actress was flirting with her co-host Piers Morgan.

At the time, the Albert Square favourite was opening up about taking part in the fundraising programme’s fitness challenge.

“It takes guts and it took everything out of me, but we lived to tell the tale,” she joked.

Piers then commented: “You know what, Tameka? What’s left is pretty good”.

She responded by flirtatiously quipping: “Why thank you, Piersy,” before purring dramatically.

Through laughter, Susanna joked: “She’s flirting up a storm!”

Tameka, who was joined by Susannah Constantine to promote the show, did explain that the ten-week challenge for Sport Relief wasn’t just about how she looked, or how much weight she lost, but how she felt at the end of it all.

“It’s the health side of it as well, because you can look all slim and lovely, but are you healthy?” she continued.

“I know I’m slightly bigger, but I’m a new mum. Well, she was four yesterday but I’m still a new mum – and I always will be a new mum until I have another one!”

Back in 2016, Tameka competed in Strictly Come Dancing and during rehearsals, she damaged the cartilage in her right knee and also tore a ligament.

Experiencing those painful injuries initially put Tameka off of throwing herself into exercise again. However, she claimed that competing in Famously Unfit has helped her to get past that.

She added: “Having done this show, it’s so much better. I think I just needed that boost.

“I needed that encouragement – not only from the team but with the professionals as well.”

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays at 6am on ITV. Famously Unfit…for Sport Relief airs on Sunday, March 18 at 9pm on BBC Two.

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