Engaged Jeremy Kyle caught looking where he shouldn’t during Love Island wedding

Good Morning Britain viewers caught Jeremy Kyle in the act during the Love Island wedding.

All eyes were on Love Island’s Jessica Shears and Dom Lever when they got married live on TV this morning.

But eagle-eyed viewers noticed Jeremy’s very unsavoury glance at the bride’s bikini.

Jeremy – who recently proposed to the former nanny of his children – was caught open-mouthed as he appeared to openly eye up Jessica’s impressive assets.

"Jezza kopping a quick gorp at Jess’s t**s (sic)," one viewer tweeted.

"Jeremy Kyle was staring at Jess’s boobs and it was disturbing," another added.

Jess stripped to a bridal white bikini while her fiancé Dom’s abs rippled as he said his vows in white swimming trunks.

They walked down a pink carpet – with Jess in a full veil despite her state of undress – and celebrity reporter Richard Arnold officiated the marriage.

There was even an awkward moment when they were asked if there’s any reason why they should not be married.

“Do you want a lie detector?” Jeremy Kyle shouted over.

"No lie detector today," Dom confirmed.

Saying his own Love Island-style vows, he said: "I promise to share our life story on social media from this day forward because you’re my type on paper."

And there was even cringe-worthy reference to Muggy Mike – who tried to graft on Jess when they left the villa before Dom last summer.

Jess vowed: "I will not pie you off even if Muggy Mike comes along."

Then Celebs Go Dating ‘s Nadia Essex rushed in to catch the bouquet.

But although the ceremony was beautiful, it wasn’t official.

The couple will get married in Mykonos later this year, Jess confirmed.

Which is just as well, because some viewers weren’t impressed.

"When you thought Jess and Dom from Love Island couldn’t get more desperate…they get married on GMB," one viewer commented.

Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/newly-engaged-jeremy-kyle-caught-12023049

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