A familiar face appears on Twin Peaks: The Return as we approach the final third of the series

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Part 12 of Twin Peaks: The Return, which aired in the US last night.

We’re officially two thirds of the way through the revival series of Twin Peaks and finally – FINALLY – a long-loved Peaks character has made their triumphant return to our television screens.

Yes, in Part 12, none other than Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) made her well-awaited return to that small town outside of Washington for the first time since the revival series began, and her return to Twin Peaks after over 25 years.

So, needless to say, fans have been waiting for her return for quite some time now – and they were pretty excited to see her:

But what became of Audrey during those years between season two and now? Well, while we’ve had to wait to officially meet Audrey once again, we’ve already been introduced to her delightful son Richard (who is, you know, killing people).

We also learned she has been in a coma since shortly after the second season, and in the darker spaces of the Peaks fandom, people are suggesting Dark Cooper assaulted Audrey while she was in hospital and thus, Richard is their son, which is why he’s so evil.

None of that was delved into in tonight’s episode, however.

No, instead Audrey made her return and re-introduced fans to another often-mentioned-but-rarely-seen character, Billy.

Billy is Audrey’s boyfriend who has already been mentioned back in Part 7 (when that guy ran into the diner asking if anyone had seen him), but while the Billy mystery is another big giant question mark in a series of question marks, we’re still quite interested in getting to know him.

Especially because no one actually knows who he is – but, boy, do they have some theories:

Who. The. Fuck. Is. Billy. #TwinPeaks

@RDudle is the Billy that Audrey/Husband talking about the same Billy referenced at the RR? “Has anyone seen Billy?” (Part 7?) #TwinPeaks

Is Billy the guy that Andy was supposed to meet that’s been seeing Audrey? Did Richard kill the man Audrey was sleeping with? #twinpeaks

Me: Hi, will we be seeing Audrey soon?#TwinPeaks Part 12: Yes, but also say hello to Charlie, Billy, Lisa, Paul, Tina, Chuck, Angela, Tr.. pic.twitter.com/rYCuAFiFPM

When you’re watching #TwinPeaks and trying to figure out who the fuck Billy, Tina and Chuck are. 😂 #Twinpeaksthereturn

Who the fuck is Angela? Who the fuck is Clark? AND WHO THE FUCK IS BILLY?! #TwinPeaks

Angela, Clark, Billy, Tina. Who the fuck ARE these people?! #TwinPeaks


And in more not-so-good news, following last week’s ‘damn good pie’ incident, there was no sign of the old Agent Cooper in Part 12, but we’re hoping Audrey’s reappearance may just be the remedy for that.

So, all in all, it was another weird and wonderful episode of Twin Peaks – even if the reaction to it was quite mixed:

Twin Peaks continues next Sunday (August 6) on Showtime in the US and airs tonight (July 31) on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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