Fox chairman offers updates on futures of 24, Gotham and The Exorcist

With all the will in the world, a show surviving in today’s TV industry can sometimes feel like an impossible task, so with that uplifting thought in mind, let’s look at how the futures of some of Fox’s biggest series are looking.

After meeting with Fox chairman Gary Newman, Deadline is reporting that while things are looking precarious for The Exorcist, signs are more positive for some other much-loved shows.

Despite lamenting Kiefer Sutherland’s definite departure from 24, Newman said that the high-octane franchise is “still really valid” for audiences and TV bosses alike.

Hinting at where the series could go next, Newman offered the backdrop of terrorism, suggesting that the issue is “uniquely suited” to 24 because of its “timeliness and urgency”.

Turning to horror adaptation The Exorcist, Newman conceded that the show’s move to Fridays was “tough” and didn’t draw in the hoped-for audience of ‘moviegoers not going to the movies’.

“I thought the show was incredibly well produced [and] the stories were great,” he said, before adding a caveat: “[It’s] clearly a show that’s on the bubble.”

Another series that has found a new home within Fox’s schedule is Gotham, but things are looking more promising for the comic book show, which Newman praised for doing “a pretty good job of opening up that night”.

“I feel like Gotham should have a place in our schedule,” he told Deadline, before going on to say that he hopes there are “more years” of Gotham to come. We’ll take that, thank you.

The most assured future of all, though, goes to cult series Empire, which Newman said he wants to continue for “as long as the audience continues”.

“Our cast loves doing the show. We’re so proud of that show,” he added.

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