Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan snaps as he blasts PETA

Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan came to blows with PETA during an on-air clash on Wednesday [ITV]

The controversial TV host was joined by photographer David Slater and PETA director Elisa Allen on the early-morning chat show.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan lost his cool as the show discussed the recent lawsuit against British photographer David.

He was sued by the animal charity over a series of selfies taken by a monkey on his cameras in Indonesia after PETA claimed that the animals in question should own the copyright of the images.

Both parties recently came to a settlement and while on the show, Piers quizzed Elisa on how the monkey behind the iconic image had taken the news.

Good Morning Britain: Elisa Allen, director of the animal charity, appeared on the show alongside photographer David Slater [ITV]
Good Morning Britain: David was recently sued by the charity over a series of selfies taken on his camera [ITV]

Elisa admitted she had “no idea”, laughing as she added that they hadn’t relayed the news to the animals.

Piers then blasted the charity as he called the whole situation a “waste of time,” saying: “You’re laughing but this is a serious point because you’ve caused this guy [David] huge financial hardship.

“What I want to know is; you’ve fought this battle on behalf of a monkey – does the monkey know what’s happened? Has anyone had that conversation with him?

“You’re treating this monkey like a human so have you gone up to him?”

Good Morning Britain: It all kicked off when Elisa admitted that the monkey hadn’t been told about the court case [ITV]

Elisa revealed that while the monkey doesn’t know “he will benefit” from the case.

“He was benefiting anyway from the global attention from this brilliant photographer brought with his brilliant images,” Piers fired back.

Furious, he continued: “Why did you lot have to poke your noses in and try and destroy this guy when he was already doing a valuable job for these animals?”

“I don’t get. It seem like the most senseless waste of time in history!”

Good Morning Britain: Piers blasted the court case as “the most senseless waste of time in history” [ITV]

The interview ended as Elisa insisted that both PETA and David were pleased with the result of the settlement.

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