Good Morning Britain: Susanna Reid SNAPS at Piers Morgan

The pair had just finished an interview with prime school head teacher Brian Walton about shocking penalties issued to children during sats exams.

The talk then turned to sports days when Piers asked the teacher whether he had sports days at his school in the view to question whether he believed sports days should be as competitive as exams.

However, as the interview ended, the topic continued as Piers and Susanna continued to debate about achievements and children taking part in activities whether they were good at them or not.

But, as Piers continued to loudly try and get his point across, Susanna looked continually more peeved off.

Good Morning Britain: Susanna Reid lashed out at Piers Morgan for interrupting her [ITV]

As Piers interrupted Susanna and tried to make another point, a fuming Susanna interjected: “I don’t know, I was trying to explain but you wouldn’t let me…”

An awkward silence then ensued as Susanna then tried to compose herself enough to give her viewpoint.

Staring into the camera, it became apparent that her colleague had wound her up as Piers open again tried to instigate a debate.

Trying to back up Susanna, Charlotte Hawkins then intervened, emphasising Susanna’s point to Piers.

What then ensued was Susanna and Piers becoming embroiled in a row about their achievements, with Susanna then asking Piers: “What did you win at sports day?”

Piers responded that he was “the best cricketer that my school had ever seen.”

Good Morning Britain: Susanna Reid was left fuming at her co-star Piers Morgan [ITV]
Good Morning Britain: Things got very awkward between the pair on the show [ITV]

With Susanna chiming in that cricket was not a sport played at school sports days, Piers then went on a lengthy explanation about how amazing he was a cricket including an anecdote about how he took 10 wickets in a game.

He sad: “I once took 10 wickets, that’s the entire team, nine runs of 11.2 overs. That statistic has never been beaten in the history of my school. it’s 100 years old.”

The presenter then continued to ramble on, with Susanna adding: “I wished I’d never asked!”

As Piers made the point that competitiveness and striving to be better is healthy for children, Susanna then declared she was the rounders champion.

Good Morning Britain: Susanna Reid began to get irritated at Piers Morgan during an earlier interview [ITV]
Good Morning Britain: Charlotte Hawkins stepped in as her colleagues row began to get heated [ITV]

Keen not to have another row, she then quickly turned the attention to Good Morning Britain’s  competition.

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