Hero Grenfell firefighter says he feels ‘hurt’ over criticism of fire service

A firefighter who spent seven hours rescuing residents in the Grenfell inferno has said that he feels "hurt" over the criticism the fire service has received.

Firefighter Aldo Diana rescued nine people and climbed 16 flights of stairs six times during that night on June 14 2017. The fire took 70 fire engines and 250 firemen to put out and killed 72 people.

Aldo, who has since retired after 26 years’ fire service, will be appearing on an ITV documentary about the blaze tonight.

Speaking on This Morning today, he spoke about his experience of the blaze.

Phillip Schofield brought up one journalist’s criticism of the ‘stay put’ policy, which saw residents told to stay in their flats rather than try to escape.

He replied: "It’s difficult for me to answer the stay put policy. The only thing I would say about that is, the stay put policy nine times out of 10 works. But unfortunately on this occasion with a building wrapped in flammable material, it possibly isn’t going to be work.

"When we turned up we didn’t hear about the stay put policy, whether it was in or not."

"You didn’t know how it was built," Phil pointed out.

"No," Also replied.

Phillip Schofield asked: "When you read that article, and I know you did and I know many of your colleagues would have seen that, what did you think about that?"

"it’s quite hurtful, really," he replied. "To think that we put our life on the line every time that we go out that door and you don’t know what you’ve got until you go out that door.

"And I’d like to see any of these politicians or people that write this sort of stuff [do] what we do. If people work together to clear up the hazards and dangers within buildings… everywhere would be a safer place."

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